TINT offers a series of workshops to groups, which ranges from personal exploration to very practical hands-on trainings. Each workshop can be adjusted to fit the specific need of the group. 

The duration is around 2,5 hours for most workshops and can be given both in the daytime or evening. Workshops can be given in both Dutch or English. Pricing can range from €2,50 to €25 per person.


If you are interested in hosting one of our workshops for your group, please contact us by mailing

Mindfulness break

Take a break from your studies to join a short meditation session during your break. The meditation session will be guided to inspire you for productive study time.


Relax your mind and take a break!


Are you alone and interested in a mindfulness break? Every Tuesday you can join us and Enter The Now for a session during lunch time at Eindhoven University of Technology in Metaforum. More info here.

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Duration: 40 mins

Passionate about your future

What is my passion in life? What are my skills? How do I make the right choice? Can I even turn my passion into my future? So many tricky questions!


During an informal evening, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your passions, skills, education, aspirations, and other tools needed to guide you to your dream job.

Then, our life coaches will help you materialise those ideas into a pathway to your future dreams.


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Duration: 2,5 hours


Self-leadership skills

Some might say that is a having a developed idea of who you are, what you can do and where you want to go is self-leadership. But how to find all this knowledge about ourselves? Let TINT help you out with that!

During an informal evening, the participants will go through different exercises that will shed the light about the core values that guide their lives. 

Then, our life coaches will help you to incorporate those values in your daily life and future dreams. 


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Duration: 3 hours

Speak up and move forward

Talk about your challenges, share experiences, find solutions and move forward step by step.

It’s all about making the most of common wisdom in order to overcome personal roadblocks. If you want to speak up or simply want to learn from others and get inspired, come and join us! Improve your active listening skills, learn to present your challenges concisely, and shift your focus from problems to solutions.

Topics can vary from time management, to decision making and prioritising.


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Duration: 2 hours

Under pressure

Under Pressure is an interactive evening focused on the context and prevention of burn out. To take some pressure off your minds, we will provide useful practical skills to recognise and treat early symptoms of burn out, such as meditation.

All in all, an enlightening event to learn about, recognise and prevent a burn out!


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Duration: 2 hours

Vision board

Experience the power and influence of creating a vision for yourself. It is one of the best ways of focusing on your dreams and plans for the life you would want to lead and the person you would want to be…
Join us for this workshop and bring a magazine that reflects your interests. One that you would be willing to cut up for the vision board you will make.
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Duration: 2 hrs