TINT offers a series of workshops that ranges from personal exploration to very practical hands-on trainings. The workshops have been sorted into three categories all catering to a different aspect of life. Each workshop will be adjusted to fit the specific need of the group. 


Workshops can be held for groups of six or more. The duration is around 2,5 hours for most workshops and can be given both in the daytime or evening. Workshops can be given in both Dutch or English. Pricing can range from €3 to €25.


If you are interested in following a workshop please contact us. 

Understanding Culture

This workshop improves your insight in your own and other people’s culture. You’ll learn to understand why certain things in your culture are the way they are and how that affects you.


As soon as you learn more about the deeper layers of your own and other people’s culture it is easier to understand why you act the way you (and others) do. Being aware of certain dimensions within cultures helps you to understand others and act effectively. 

Personality Dynamics

 Every person is unique. But within the 7, 5 billion people currently living on this planet, there are distinguishable personality types. This workshop uses the enneagram model which feature nine different personalities. Through a series of questions you can determine the personality type you match most with. Through learning more about the way the enneagram type deals with others and life, you can learn more about yourself in ways unimaginable.

Family Roots

The first step towards knowing yourself is to understand where you’re from and where your roots lay. We are influenced by these roots in all kinds of ways: socially, morally, and spiritually. You share more with your family than just your genes...


You will dig into your family roots in an interactive way and gain insight in the values, beliefs, and traditions that run deep in your family. 


Finding your Inner Compass

Everyone reaches a point in their life when they start doubting if they are on the right path. Are you doing the right studies? Are you following your own dreams or someone else's? What is really important to you? etc. During this workshop we will help you answer all your inner questions and help you find the right path. After this workshop the only thing you will have to do is take the next step.

Balancing your study life

Student life can becoming overwhelming. Keeping up with your study, friends, sports, household etc. If only there were some extra hours in the day. This workshop will help you reflect on the priorities you have in your life. What is most important to you? And how should you plan your time according to these priorities. 

The Art of Dialogue

 We life in the age of communication. Everyone is connected to everyone in the world all the time. But are we still able: To have a real dialogue? To really listen to someone? To have a conversation without getting distracted? Learn the art of dialogue and have a true dialogue during this workshop. Enrich the conversations you have with others by acquiring this skill.

Expressing yourself & influencing others

 Everyone has a different way of communicating. Communication is the way other perceive you. The way you use both verbal and nonverbal techniques to express yourself. Most people are not aware of their own communication style; and it’s difficult to improve a skill you are not aware of. During this workshop you will discover your own communication style and learn how to use it to optimally express yourself and influence others. 


 Mindfulness is known by most people as a popular stress reducing technique, which helps you to stop hurrying and worrying. By practicing mindfulness and conscious breathing, you’ll begin to experience relaxation, calmness and peace of mind. Next to calming down you’ll become able to touch your inner happiness and creativity and see your own path and decisions more clearly. This will help you be more in touch with the moment and take more joy in the things you do throughout the day.

Getting Things Done

 Getting Things Done is the key to working pleasantly and efficiently without stress. Don’t procrastinate until your head is totally full with stuff to do. In this method by David Allen you will be shown how to organise your work and private life with a few simple tools. This workshop is a practical training to structure your life efficiently and be able to enjoy life more by having your stuff together.