08|06|2021 Let's Talk about Racism

Let's start the conversation and make the TU/e community stronger!


This event aims to create a place as safe as possible, where you, a TU/e student or employee who has experienced racism yourself, feel comfortable to share your experiences, learn from each other, and deconstruct misunderstandings.


To help with that, TINT counts on the expertise of Kaylee Rosalina, Education & Policy Advisor, who will provide us with important foundations for a constructive dialogue about systemic racism.


19|05|2021 Who Will I Become? Workshop


This workshop aims to boost your confidence in who you are, where do you want to go in your future and how to get inspired by meaningful conversations with people surrounding you! You will be defining a vision for your (future) self, but also learn how this vision supports you to make better decisions and to comfortably connect with others.

Today we travel faster than ever and further than ever. At the same time, the expectations placed on our shoulders are getting heavier. When faced with so many expectations and so many options, the most important question becomes: "Who am I?". Being confident in your identity will help you clarify your future goals, your future decisions, and the way you live. The same question becomes relevant when cultures and different beliefs come together. Looking beyond the appearances fosters understanding so that people come together with an open mind and willing to communicate at a deeper level.


13|03|2021 - 21|03|2021 Dutch Happiness Week at TU/e

Dutch Happiness Week is coming to TU/e! 

Did you know that happy people are more active, more creative, less prone to disease, have more energy and participate more than less happy people? Happiness is important in the social and work field. That’s why TINT is bringing DHW founded by Parktheater & Fontys to TU/e for the first year!


A week full of lectures, debates, exhibitions and workshops on happiness. 


10|02|2021 Celebration of Women And Girls in Science


TINT and WISE (Women in Science Eindhoven) are joining forces again to prepare an inspiring evening marking the 6th United Nations’ International Day of Women and Girls in ScienceThis year’s theme: “Growing towards a female role model”.


This event explores the journey from a high school student towards a full professor.

We focus on three stages: choosing a STEM University track, becoming a PhD candidate and applying for a Tenure Track. Each stage is introduced by an interesting speaker followed by a sharing moment. This event is an opportunity to honour the increasing contribution of female scientists in technical fields and, also, a place to share personal stories and sources of inspiration by role models in the study and career choices.



  • Lecture by Elise Quant from the Eindhoven School of Education to introduce the question: How do we encourage girls to choose for a STEM track after secondary school?
  • Discussion moment on how to increase diversity at the TU/e and how we show that science is for everyone.
  • Lecture by PhD candidate Victoria Korshunova about the second question: How do we attract women to apply for a PhD position?
  • TINT-Exercise about Role Models and the traits that inspire our values and decision-making in life.
  • Lecture by Ruth Cardinaels – an associate professor in Mechanical Engineering and former WISE board member - to look into the question: How to attract more women in academic tenure tracks?
  • TINT - Exercise called Tree of Life about your past, present and future outlook in life.

2020 Q2 Online Mindfulness Breaks


New Academic Year, New weekly Mindfulness Break series.

TINT and Enter the Now will be meeting online so you can keep meditating in a group but in your own home.
Join us every Tuesday during lunchtime (12:40-13:20) for a short meditation via Microsoft Teams
The meditation sessions will be guided by 'Enter the Now' or by TINT Life Coach, Margit van Tuijl, to inspire you for productive study time and a life focused in the present moment.
Students & Staff are welcome alike!
No registration needed, just join us!
Relax your mind!
Take a break!
And enter the now!

09|12|2020 Finding Common Ground Workshop (postponed)


'Finding Common Ground' is a workshop by life coach & personal development coach Laura Curta, about self-determination and positive regard.


The question "Who am I?" is extra relevant when cultures and different beliefs come together. Looking beyond the appearances not only creates inclusiveness, but it also flattens conflicts. It fosters understanding so that people come together with an open mind and willing to communicate at a deeper level.


Join this event to get to know yourself better, participate in a meaningful conversation about the power one has to build their own identity,

and allow yourself to be inspired.


20|11|2020 Under Pressure Workshop

TINT is happy to join the TU/e Vitality Week 2020 (16-20 Nov) with a workshop to increase your work-life balance and well-being! TINT life coaches Margit and Rachelle are hosting ‘Under Pressure’, an interactive workshop focused on identifying your sources of stress to deconstruct them into more manageable pieces.
Take some pressure off your mind and join us to learn practical tools to look inside yourself and reflect on what really matters to you.

18|11|2020 TU/e in Dialogue: Turning the Page - Vitality Week

Join the dialogue at the TU/e! Meet new people and listen to each other's experiences, insights and ideas. You don’t know in advance who you will meet, so every conversation will be even more surprising!
Dialogue framework
The conversation will be structured around the four steps of the dialogue framework: getting to know each other, sharing experiences, dreaming, and doing. You will participate in a conversation with a group of 4 participants (max.) under the guidance of a facilitator. You will experience what it means to listen carefully to the personal story of others and to be able to tell your story without being interrupted. It is an evening for people who are open minded and curious about other people’s perspectives.
This year's theme: Turning the page
What will appear when you turn the next page of your life story? Maybe it will be the beginning of a next chapter, or a dream for the future; or maybe the future is completely open to you – like a blank page. What do you hope to read or write on that next page? And what do you leave behind? Although it is your personal story, it could be part of a larger societal story. Probably, turning that page in your life is accompanied by a feeling: you may feel very excited and looking forward to it; or perhaps a bit apprehensive. In short, a range of interesting and meaningful conversations are possible with this theme. What it brings you is what matters most.
| Event Details |
Date: Wednesday, November 18th 2020
Time: 19:15 - 21:30
Location: Online - Microsoft Teams 
Price: Free but Registration is mandatory!
Registration via Studium Generale website

17|11|2020 Mindfulness Break - Vitality Week

TINT is happy to join the TU/e Vitality Week 2020 (16-20 Nov) with a dedicated Mindfulness Break that will take you back in time.
The Mindfulness Breaks join the TU/e Vitality Week initiative with a guided meditation that will take you back in time. ⁠
Nuriye van Lamoen, TINT Event organizer, will guide you through the (re)connection with your inner child and simpler times in life. ⁠
Register via TU/e Vitality Week for free and join us via MS Teams!
Student and Staff are welcome alike!
| Event Details |
Date: Tuesday, November 17th 2020
Time: 12:40 - 13:20
Location: Online - Microsoft Teams
Price: Free but Registration is mandatory!
Registration via TU/e Vitality Week

12|10|2020 Self-leadership skills workshop














Self-Leadership can be defined as having an idea of who you are, what you can do and where you want to go. But, how to find all this deep knowledge about ourselves? Let TINT help you out with that! During an informal evening, the participants will go through different exercises that will shed the light about the core values that guide their lives. TINT life coach, Margit van Tuijl, and the international life coach, Mymza Wever, will help to incorporate those values in the daily life and future dreams.

Do you want to take the lead of your life?! Yes! Then, this workshop is for you!


| Event Details |

 Date: October 12th, 2020

Time: 19:00 - 21:30

Location: Innovation Space, Room 1.345

Cost: 3,00€ for Students, 5,00€ for Non-Students     

07|10|2020 First Impressions Meetup


TINT & Cosmos celebrate the TU/e Diversity Week with a fun platonic speed dating and a quiz night. Meet new people in a corona-proof event.


Come to meet new people on a platonic speed dating! It is a great opportunity to meet other freshman or the old wolfs of Eindhoven, exchange ideas and get to know each other.


Then, gather in teams to participate in a global quiz and take a cool prize home!


Snacks will be provided to keep the stamina ;)


Grab your friends or come alone, there will be plenty of interesting people and fun waiting for you!


30|09|2020 Connect With Yourself















An important tool that helps us acknowledge our feelings, understand what their role is and, most importantly, create the trust we need to express ourselves in a vulnerable way is non-violent communication.  

During this workshop, we will explore the basics of non-violent communication by engaging with different practical exercises. The goal is to provide a safe space for the full range of emotions, to connect with one another, and to learn a few tools that will help you connect with others in a more authentic way.


09|09|2020 Supcoach Workshop

Stand Up Paddling (SUP in short) can help you to:⁠

  • Reconnect with your body⁠
  • Relax and release stress⁠
  • Create a healthy work/life balance
  • Prevent stress and burnout⁠

That is why TINT organizes again a Supcoach workshop! ⁠
For about 2 hours you can be Supping with a group of 4-6 people while being guided into relaxation with mindfulness and meditation exercises. The session starts with instructions, then we get on the water (not in!) and after finding your physical balance with the stand up paddling technique, we will find also mental balance with some mindfulness :)⁠

You will be more relaxed and leave with a clear head at the end of the session, we promise!⁠

| Event Details |⁠
Date: Wednesday, 9th September 2020.⁠
Time: meeting at 16:45, departing on your SUP trip at 17:00.⁠
Location: Eeuwsel, Dutmalapad at TUe Eindhoven.⁠
Tickets: 15€ 


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