Life Coaching at Tint

Sometimes it can be a relief to talk with someone about what’s on your mind. If there is anything you’re struggling with, you’re welcome at TINT for a private conversation. It can be about anything: making choices, troubled relationships, study motivation, loss, faith, spirituality... Talking with a life coach at TINT can help you to structure your thoughts and to find your path again. Everything you share in the life coaching sessions will be kept confidentially. Feel free to contact us!


Life coaching at TINT is available and free for both Dutch and International students, PhD, PDEng and Postdocs at TU/e, Fontys Eindhoven and the Design Academy. Nevertheless, every donation is appreciated.


To sustain the work of TINT donations are welcome at: NL93TRIO0338499652 Stichting TINT eindhoven.


Have you finished your life coaching sessions at TINT, but could you use more coaching? Maybe you are not a student, but you would like to follow some coaching. Or you are looking for someone with a specific expertise? Soon you can also find more info here about coaches outside of TINT that we endorse and/or that have worked with/for TINT in the past.

Life Coach Margit van Tuijl

As I was at the age of 16 I started asking questions like: What’s the meaning of my life? Why am I here? How can I live a happy life? Because of this passion for life questions I decided to study theology and follow courses in philosophy, psychology and spiritual care in Amsterdam, Heidelberg and Leiden. Since 2007 I’ve coached many people on topics like: dealing with changes, making choices, developing relationships, facing illness and death, discovering purpose in life and finding sources of inspiration, spirituality or religion. To guide people on their life path is a great source of inspiration to me!


In 2013 I moved to Eindhoven to start working at TINT as a life coach for students. I love to help young people coming from all over the world to find their own sources of inspiration and happiness in life. So if you’re struggling with personal issues and you feel like talking about it with someone in confidence, you’re welcome to contact me. I can coach you in Dutch, English or German.


Life Coach Rachelle van Andel


Hi! My name is Rachelle and I’m happy to be part of the TINT team as a life coach! One day a week you can find me at the TU/e. You are very welcome for a chat, a cup of coffee, a song, a poem, sharing ideas and, most important: for coaching. I’m passionate about social justice and sustainability. In my free time I dance, you can find me in the cinema, you can find me in a book or I’m gone for a long walk and…. sometimes I’ll come up with Dutch songs I’ll play on my guitar. So, watch out ;-). I do believe that we are all connected in a web of relationships. Fostering these relationships is important for our well-being but can be quite challenging nowadays. It’s like a dance.


I’m a skilled counselor, specialized in burn-out, study/life balance, trauma & grief and discovering your personal core values. I’m a remonstrant minister and next to my work for TINT I work as a student chaplain in Maastricht. I can coach you in Dutch or English.


I’m looking forward to meeting you!


Life Coach Intern Laura Curta

Life coaching is my way to use my strengths and natural talents for the benefit of the many. I was born in Romania, but after I finished University I left for Lithuania, to give a helping hand as a volunteer. After moving to the Netherlands in spring 2018 I got back to an old passion: personal development. I just knew it: I have to learn more about this and see where it takes me. Now I am on a mission to build a fulfilling future for myself and for those around me.


I studied not only life coaching but CBT (Cognitive behavioral Therapy) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), too. I am an active member of an international coaching community (Achology), and soon I will be attending a new Life Coaching and Counseling course.


Reach out and contact me if you are looking for support, accountability and perspective-shifting questions. From topics as life's meaning and mindfulness to wise decision making, assertiveness, goal setting and procrastination, a coaching session brings together philosophical and practical matters so that you find inspiration to make the changes you need to make to live life at your terms.

Coaching sessions can be held in English or Romanian language.