Endorsed coaches

It might happen that you have finished your life coaching course at TINT, but still feel that you could use some more coaching. Or maybe you are looking for a specific type of coach, for example a career coach, mindfulness coach or someone who specializes in navigating the Dutch culture. Or you might not be eligible for life coaching at TINT as you are not a student at (BSc, MSc, PhD, PdEng) TU/e, Fontys Eindhoven or Design Academy Eindhoven.

Therefore we have created this page. On here we share coaches we endorse. For example because we have had the pleasure of working together with them in TINT workshops or events, or they have been life coaches (or interns) at TINT before.


We hope this helps you in your journey of self discovery and personal development!


Note: these coaches do not work at/for TINT, therefore please contact them directly for more information.

Endorsed coaches:

Laura Curta

Life coach and personal development trainer

My name is Laura Curta and I am a life coach. I provide coaching sessions where I mix techniques from life coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Schema Therapy. The topics we can work on vary from identity to personal values, reaching subjects as confidence, procrastination, self- development, dealing with change and decision making.


Life coaching is my way to use my strengths and natural talents for the benefit of the many. I was born in Romania, but after I finished University I left for Lithuania, to give a helping hand as a volunteer. After moving to the Netherlands in spring 2018 I got back to an old passion: personal development. I just knew it: I have to learn more about this and see where it takes me. Now I am on a mission to build a fulfilling future for myself and for those around me.


I work mostly with people who left their home countries (expats). During our sessions, we can speak in English or Romanian. 

Podcasts with Laura

Language: English or Romanian

Duration per session: 1 session lasts 50-60 minutes.

Frequency: The number of sessions needed depends on the topic, but usually, it takes 2-8 sessions until the topic is explored, insights are gained and an action plan is put in place.

Laura used to be a life coach intern at TINT. She wrote valuable tips for students at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and spoke during many events and workshops. We are happy to say that we often still work with her. Listen to these podcast to get to know her and her expertise!


Language: Dutch, English

Duration per session: approx. 90 minutes / free intake of 45 min.

Frequency: To be determined together


Jeroen ter Brugge

Philosophical sparring partner

Hi, my name is Jeroen. I'm a young professional living in Eindhoven, together with my loving partner. I work as a philosophy and psychology teacher at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. I love to work with students from the age of 17 to 27. We're called a coach in the first academic year instead of a teacher, which changes my role completely. I have a talent for leading a supervision (4 - 6 persons) and I'm educated in using the Socratic method which stimulates 'new thinking'.


I am also the founder of 'Bewust in overvloed' (≈ consciousness in abundance). I coach young, smart and ambitious people that can use some support and guidance to deal with the existential questions- and challenges they face in contemporary society.

The slogan "Know thyself" is strongly quoted by famous philosopher Socrates of the ancient Greece. "How can anyone know anything if he doesn't know himself? Who knows? And what is the value of such baseless knowledge?" That is why I asked family and friends how they would describe me in one word. They used the following characteristics: calm; straight to the point; inquisitive; good listener; dynamic; social; philosopher; erudite; venturous.


I focus on your mindset to get you into action; ask the right questions and reflect answers to make your blind spots visible; give you a philosophically broad perspective as a framework from which you can act and think; work on your beliefs and values to guide you in the direction you want to go. We work on your identity and personality, as well as your dreams and the monkeys that live in your brain.

Jeroen was one of the speakers at the TINT 2019 International Dinner event named "Meaning of your Work". Read more about it here.

Eglė Naraškevičiūtė

Expat Psychologist

I am a Lithuanian Expat Psychologist helping internationals adjust to this new country, their relationship changes, and their individual challenges of the past, present or future.

In four different countries I have faced the expat reality—both personally and professionally—which made me deeply familiar to the challenges internationals face. While being there, I have learned different therapeutic approaches and worked with couples, families, research institutes and asylum seekers. Now, in the Netherlands, I am sharing my experience to support other internationals — Expat to Expat.

My professional approach is centered around Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Systemic Family Therapy. Following them, I provide both individual and couple's counselling to help with personal struggles, as well as relationship and family challenges that surrounds you.

In particular, I can help you with:

  • Strong overwhelming moods (depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, jealousy, panic, etc.)
  • Intrusive negative thoughts (self-criticism, self/others-judgment, etc.)
  • Unhelpful behaviours (procrastination, avoidance, outbursts, etc.)
  • Romantic relationship problems (loss of closeness, arguing, miscommunication, new (intercultural) relationship)
  • Difficult childhood and it's effects on your present life


I can communicate with you in English and Lithuanian.”


Language: English or Lithuanian

Duration per sessions: 1 hour sessions

Frequency: To be determined together


Language: Dutch, English or German

Duration per session: each session takes about 1 hour

Frequency: The number of sessions will be determined together

In 2020 Natasja gave a heart-whelming workshop on compassion, not just for others, but for yourself, by living from the heart.


Natasja Timmermans

Mindfulness & Heartfulness coach

My name is Natasja Timmermans, I live and work in Eindhoven and surroundings. I am a certified trainer in Mindfulness and Compassion as well as member of the "Vereniging Voor Mindfulness" (VVM) and the MBCL register A (Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living).


My practice is called Focus@Heart and provides Mindfulness courses, introduction to Mindfulness workshops, meditation-sessions, Compassion (Heartfulness) courses and coaching. In addition I work for various clients such as the Eindhoven University of Technology (Student Sports Centre) and TINT.

Feel free to take a look at my website www.focusatheart.nl (also English text) where you can also find my contact details.


I provide individual coaching by having conversations online, at the Focus@Heart practice, or in the forest nearby during a walk together. To have moments of silence together or meditating can also be a part of the coaching. Personal attention, confidence and contact are important.

Goal: having support when something is troubling you, maybe regarding personal issues that can cause you stress or other symptoms, which you want to share with a coach. To get to know yourself better and accept who you are, focusing on your possibilities, being in the here and now and discovering your qualities.


I wish each of you a life full of loving and caring attention and consideration for yourself, for others and for your surroundings. Doing things in a mindful way can give you calmness in your mind and body. Inner rest and balance; to befriend yourself.


Who is my coaching for? Adults (18+ years) who are looking for support by a sparring partner.

Location: The Focus@Heart practice, in the district 'Schuttersbosch' in Eindhoven, nearby the nature reserve 'Stratumse Heide', or online.


TINT Eindhoven

Eindhoven University of Technology

Atlas building, 2nd floor

Groene Loper 3

5612 AE Eindhoven



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