TINT Mission

TINT Mission · 28 July 2022
Although it might surprise, TINT is almost as old as the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e), with its roots in the nineteen-fifties. TINT has Christian roots but developed over the years into an inclusive, international, and multi-religious organization. Students from different backgrounds find a safe place at TINT and inspiration to explore their personal development, life questions, and spirituality. This is how it all began. In 1957, during the first years of TU/e - back then called...

Cursor Article: “Action is the antidote to powerlessness”
TINT Mission · 01 June 2022
Cursor interviewed Maas van Apeldoorn's, TU/e Master student, about taking action rather than sulking around feeling powerless about all the misery in the world. Amidst his inspiring suggestions, he recognised the important TINT work at TU/e University,

Annual Report, the highlights of 2020
TINT Mission · 23 July 2021
2020 was a special year, also for TINT. Meeting each other and making connections are the core of TINT's activities. These activities about life questions, meaning, personal development and intercultural and interreligious connection: subjects for which live conversations and encounters are indispensable. Nonetheless, a transition to online activities was needed and TINT adapted. How this went, you can read in the Annual Report 2020 (both in English and Dutch)

Loneliness at TU/e?
TINT Mission · 31 January 2020
During activities, coaching and individual conversations it became more clear that a lot of students can't be reached and are at risk of feeling lonely. TINT has made it their responsibility to find a way to help those students. The first step? Researching loneliness at TU/e