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06|12 Flavours of Home

13 & 14|12 Skills Sessions Passionate about your future

24|01 Mindfulness Break during Exams Week

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Sometimes it can be a relief to talk with someone about what’s on your mind. If there is anything you’re struggling with, you’re welcome at TINT for a private conversation. It can be about anything: making choices, troubled relationships, study motivation, loss, faith, spirituality...


Talking with a life coach at TINT can help you to structure your thoughts and to find your path again. Everything you share in the life coaching sessions will be kept confidentially. Feel free to contact us!

All of our events are co-hosted with different organisations. We have already worked with organisations such as COSMOS, Stehven (formerly known as Eindhoven Studentenstad), Studium Generale, Eindhoven in Dialoog, WISE and many more.


If you are looking to organize an event with a cultural, spiritual or personal development  element which would be interesting for the students of Eindhoven, feel free to contact us! 

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