Take a break and enjoy a guided meditation to help you focus for exams!


On the first week of exams, TINT Life Coach, Margit van Tuijl, will guide the Mindfulness Breaks to re-energise your brain cells!


Let yourself be involved by Margit's calming voice that has the magic touch of making everything better ;)


Just show up and join us for a deserving and relaxing break! 


If you are looking to make mindfulness a habit join the other sessions during the quartile organised by Enter the Now!


15|06|2023 Queer Sex Ed [cancelled]


Whether you identify as LGBTQIA+ or simply wish to feel more confident and comfortable around the topic of queer sex, join us for an enlightening evening of Queer Sex Education! Engage in meaningful discussions and create a safe space where questions are welcome. Unlike the heteronormative Sex Ed classes that we may have grown up with, this event is specifically aimed towards topics relevant to sex between members of the LGBTQIA+ community.


This June, during pride month, one of the TU/e's very own psychologists, Rachel Falleyn, will be giving this second edition of queer Sex Education! So join us on the 15th from 18:00 to 20:00


14|06|2022 Eco-Anxiety workshop


It can be quite difficult to grasp what it truly means that our climate is changing. Actions need to be taken on a global scale to slow down the change and halt it. But during everyday life, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. 


If you've ever wondered or had doubts about your future because of climate change, this is for you. We teamed up with TGD and Green Week TU/e  to create a unique workshop to help you with anxiety or apathy due to climate change.

We'll look at ways of dealing with the stress and pressure you can experience if you are taking action, to avoid burnout!


13|06|2023 Ichtus +TINT Free Lunch

Come join a free picknick together with Ichthus and TINT, where there is room for interesting conversations about values in life. Bring your friends for this nice lunch and conversation opportunity!


With a card game that includes more than 40 values you can use to describe your goals, drive and passion you can start the discussion with others, searching which values you have in common and which ones make you unique.


And all that while enjoying a nice (hopefully sunny) picknick.

10|06|2023 Pride Walk


Join Us for Eindhoven's First Pride Walk!


Calling all allies and LGBTQ+ community members! It's time to celebrate love, diversity, and equality as we proudly march through the vibrant streets of Eindhoven. Let's unite, embrace our true selves, and spread the message of acceptance and inclusion. Together, we can create a more loving and understanding society.



Save the Date: 10th of June

Gathering Time: 12:30


Meeting Point: TU/e sign at the Koeveld


For more information click here!

23|05|2023 The Power of Words

 Nowadays, it seems very easy to get in trouble for something one says, so it's natural to feel uncertain or confused about the difference between freedom of expression and hate speech. Society is always in ongoing change, but there are certain habits that can help you understand this important difference. 


Our program manager, Kimberly, has recently attended an European training on this topic and she is excited to share her knowledge with the students of Eindhoven.


Explore how to communicate your opinions effectively and safely. Learn to recognize and deal with hate speech better and understand the impact it has on others. Delve into how to express yourself freely while respecting the rights and dignity of others.

16|05|2023 Show Yourself to the World

 Reflect on your personal traits and find more comfort in your own shoes.


It's interesting how much effort we usually put into showing a perfect image of ourselves to the world. At the same time it takes a lot of energy to push those elements of ourselves away that we'd rather like to hide. Giving space to being yourself brings 'space to breath', pleasure, relaxation and in the end it also makes you stronger.


The workshop given by our life coach Margit van Tuijl will help you free yourself from all the expectations you try to fulfill. The workshop is given in complete confidence and is a safe space for you to explore your personal traits.


Sign up below to secure a spot for yourself! There are only 15 spots for this workshop.

09|05|2023 Explore Your Biases with Sunny Bargman

Are you really as open-minded as you think you are? The once very stereotypical ‘technical student’ or ‘STEM employee’ is nowadays way more diverse, but do all these different personalities feel welcome in our TU/e community? With documentary maker, critical thinker, and activist Sunny Bergman, we will discuss her work in which stereotypes and judging ‘the other’ are a regular focus. She invites you to take a critical look at your own views and biases towards your peers. Together we will explore how to put an open attitude into practice.


This program is jointly organized by TINT and Studium Generale.

11|04|2023 Mindfulness break

Take a break and enjoy a guided meditation to help you focus for exams!


On the first week of exams, TINT Life Coach, Margit van Tuijl, will guide the Mindfulness Breaks to re-energise your brain cells!


Let yourself be involved by Margit's calming voice that has the magic touch of making everything better ;)


Just show up and join us for a deserving and relaxing break! 


If you are looking to make mindfulness a habit join the other sessions during the quartile organised by Enter the Now!


21|03|2023 Love Around the World [cancelled]


All people, all over the world experience love.

However, not everyone treats it in the same way. Cultures have different traditions and habits around the topic of love.



TINT and Cosmos will bring you an event to explore how love is interpreted across the globe, to dive into how to communicate about your needs and wishes, and how to be less confused with different conceptions!


Love is taken on its broader sense, so it can be romantic relationships but also friendships and family ties!


Don’t forget to bring your own (anonymous) questions, as we also want to hear what’s on your mind.


This event is part of the Dutch Happiness Week 2023, an initiative founded by Fontys University & Parktheater Eindhoven, that aims to raise awareness and promote happiness by collaborating with several partners for a week full of inspiring activities. Find the programe here.

14|03|2023 Financial Wellbeing

 “Just cut your spendings and make more money” is what we’ve all heard already. But we all know that that advice is not of any help. 


Instead are you interested in learning methods that are actually helpful for dealing with the little money you have? Join us in this collaboration with B&R where you can get actually helpful tips and guidance from the experts at B&R to step up your finance game.


Besides, we understand that most students have to deal with lending money which can be pretty stressful. That is why with our life coach, Laura Curta, help you will have the opportunity to discover your guiding values regarding money. 


Join our event on the 14th of March in Metaforum 7 (MF07) for a comprehensive workshop concerning both the practicalities and the mental aspects of finances!




06|03|2023 Plan(t) Your Future


The workshop ‘Plan(t) your future’ aims to give that moment to reflect about your life with a nature metaphor: to think about your life as a tree. Weird?! Just trust TINT ;) 


Humans are living beings like trees, so to grow tall and strong, we all need roots like the past experiences and relationships that made who we are now. While growing, a tree can be shaped by pruning to let the branches grow into the sky. In the same way, the choices that we make in our present moment influence our direction towards the future.  


Personal growth is a process influenced by your past, that you control in your present, to achieve your dreams in the future. For this whole process you can count with the smooth guidance of TINT life coach, Margit van Tuijl, every step of the way. 


Join this workshop and plan(t) the next steps for your future. This workshop is part of the Vitality Week program.


14|02|2023 Celebration of Women & Girls in Science

TINT, WISE and Beyond present another inspiring evening to celebrate the United Nations: 'International Day of Women and Girls in Science'.


Join us next Tuesday, February 14th, from 18:00 - 21:30, at the TU/e Auditorium, for an event dedicated to finding out how to achieve a more welcoming intercultural STEM environment in Eindhoven.



At 18:00, you can join us for a delicious vegetarian buffet dinner, so you can catch up with fellow colleagues or meet new like-minded people. 

At 19:00, the event officially starts with an insightful lecture by Vincent Merk, an expert in the field of intercultural communication and team dynamics.

At 20:00, an inspiring panel discussion moderated by Chiara Treglia, Lead Facilitator and Strategist, about intercultural STEM in Eindhoven with:



As an audience, please bring in your questions, ideas and inspiring real-life experiences with you to have a great dynamic discussion in this event.


After the event, join us at the Zwarte Doos for a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine, to celebrate this special day, relax and network with others.

13&14|12|2022 Skilles Sessions: Passionate about your Future


‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’ - Confucious


During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your passions, talents, education and aspirations to guide you towards your ideal career. You will brainstorm and think out of the box to find new ideas for your future.


TINT Life Coach Margit van Tuijl will help you to explore your possibilities and transform them into the next steps you may take, so you can do what you love so you will never have to work a day in your life. 


Find your passion and make career decisions a bit easier with the Wervingsdagen Skills Sessions.

06|12|2022 Potluck Dinner: Flavours of Home


We all have dishes that deeply defined our childhood , ones that we always used to eat. Some of us cook to relax or just to get us through daily life for others it's a way of self expression.


One thing is sure: cooking is a way to increase your creativity and build your self-esteem. 

And... Food is always better when shared with others! 


TINT invites you to a cozy dinner this December where you can reconnect with your inner child. Bring your favorite childhood dish and share it in our “Flavours of Home” themed potluck!


There will be couches, a nice atmosphere and the wildest food you can imagine.The potluck will be in the Common Room at the 6th  of December 18:00-20:00.


23|11|2022 How to Appreciate Yourself


On a daily basis there are a lot of factors that may impact how you feel about yourself. Sometimes you feel like a superhero and other times you have doubts if you are good enough. It can be very difficult to appreciate the amazing progress you have already made but that’s why TINT is here for you!


In the workshop, Margit van Tuijl, TINT Life coach, will help you to enjoy this up-and-down ride of continuous improvement and, especially, to recognise that all parts of yourself have a purpose because they make you a beautiful human being!


Join this loving workshop on November 23, between 19:00-21:00.

This workshop is open to all TU/e, Fontys & Design Academy students (BSc, MSc, PhDs, PDEngs). 

10|10|2022 Open Stories - TU/e Diversity week 2022

Everyone has a story to tell…


Some people have experienced truly amazing adventures that can inspire our wildest dreams to be possible. Others have faced and overcome tough hurdles that prompt us to put our lives in perspective and feel more grateful with what we have. Others have just challenged the odds and enjoyed the serendipity of life. 


Life stories can take us to places, situations and emotions that we have never imagined before... And we love that!


The event “Open Stories” is an evening to inspire our Eindhoven community to take more time to listen to the real stories around us. For that, we have chosen captivating people ready to share their life stories with you in an intimate conversation.

Expect heartening, raw and honest stories that will broaden your horizons.   


TU/e Diversity Week, from October 4th to 11th, is full of amazing activities to meet like-minded people!

Check out the whole programe at the Diversity Week page!

04|10|2022 Time Out Cafe - TU/e Diversity Week 2022

The Diversity Week team, Studium Generale and student fraction Groep-één have jointly organised the TIME OUT! Social Safety theatre performance produced by Stichting TIME OUT. 


This interactive theatre experience aims to create a safe place and trigger the conversation about social safety situations that were specifically written for the TU/e Community. 


For that reason, after the play you can stick around in the TIME OUT CAFE where you can have a drink and chat with TINT about the performance. Join us to reflect about the social safety situations you have seen at the play and share your ideas for change to inspire others. 


TU/e Diversity Week, from October 4th to 11th, is full of amazing activities to meet like-minded people!

Check out the whole programe at the Diversity Week page!

28|09|2022 How to Build your Social Life Workshop


Maybe you feel that you have already some great friends; or you might have met some very interesting people at University that you would like to become closer with; or you are still looking for some deeper connections in your life.     


No matter the scenario, friendships and a good social network are a very important part of our lives to have fun, make great memories, open our horizons, and support us on blue days. 


Our relationships sometimes are taken for granted in the middle of our busy lives, in this workshop TINT Life coach, Margit van Tuijl, will guide you through a reflection moment about the people in your life, your social needs and which steps you can take to have the social life you truly want.   


13|09|2022 Strike Up the Conversation



Friendships and a good social network are a big part of our lives, especially during University times. However, meeting new people can sometimes be challenging although very exciting.


For that reason, TINT & Cosmos join forces to bring you “Strike Up the Conversation”, a fun evening to meet other freshmen or the old wolves of Eindhoven in a different way.


The life coach Laura Curta will share all about the art of having an interesting conversation. Enjoy useful tips & tricks on how to start a conversation easily, even if you are a bit shy, and how to get to know people beyond the surface.

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