TINT and 'Enter the Now' have joined forces to bring you some mindfulness during the busy times of exams week.


Take a break from your studies to join a short meditation session during lunchtime (12:30 - 13:30).


The meditation session will be guided by Margit van Tuijl, a life coach in TINT, to inspire you for productive study time. 


Join us and Relax your mind!

Be inspired for exam success!


Event Details

Location: Energy Forum, Metaforum

Date: 10th of April, 12:30 till 13:30.

Price: Free! No sign up required


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At the end of March, TINT will be joining the Connect with my Culture event, hosted by the TU/e. So grab your colleagues and classmates after work  or class and come to the Atlas building. Fill your "passports" by visiting the country market stands, competing in the cultural arena, participating in activities and watching live performances at the Atlas building from 16:00 until 20:00h.

Join TINT to learn about (and taste!) different kinds of food from all over the world and to discuss funny and shocking revelations about cultural and culinary stereotypes you might not know about.

Feel free to join in and learn on March 27th at TU/e campus, we hope to see you there!


Event Details

Location: Atlas, Ground Floor (TU/e campus)

Date: 27th of March, 16:00 till 20:00.

Price: Free! No sign up required


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13/03/2019 Super Powers of M/F Scientists (lecture and discussion)

We are co-hosting this event with Studium Generale. Tickets are only available on the Studium Generale website: https://studiumgenerale-eindhoven.nl/nl/programma/lezing/superpowers-of-mf-scientists/




Superscientists are like superheroes: competitive and performance-oriented. Exceptionally masculine stereotypes dominate our view of what it means to be successful in science, and this is a problem for men and women alike, also at TU/e.

Where are the female professors? In the Netherlands, currently one in five professors is female, and the TU/e ranks bottom of the list with only 12.6%. Research shows that we have many biases about what a good scientist or engineer is and who fits that image. A recent study among 4000 scientists (m/f) for example reveals that exceptionally masculine stereotypes dominate our view of what it means to be successful in science; we strongly associate it with masculine (being self-interested, competitive and performance-oriented) rather than feminine traits (being a good collaborator and a nice colleague). Such occupational stereotypes are an important obstacle for women’s careers. In addition, also men are not encouraged to use their more feminine qualities.

Ruth van Veelen studies this phenomenon in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM). She examines how men and women deal with gender bias and inequality at work and how this affects career development and choice. She will explain how highly masculine occupational stereotypes act as a self-fulfilling prophecy that maintains the underrepresentation of women in STEM-related fields.

Subsequently, together with TU/e researchers and students we will share experiences from our university and discuss what both men and women can do to induce change.

Dr. Ruth van Veelen (department of Social, Health and Organisational Psychology, Utrecht University) examines social identity development and diversity at work, particularly in academia and the technical sector.

Prof. dr. Eva Demerouti is professor in Human Performance Management and chair of the Human Performance Management research group (TU/e). She is also the TU/e’s Chief Diversity Officer.

Prof. dr. Wijnand IJsselsteijn is professor of Cognition and Affect in Human-Technology Interaction at TU/e.


This evening will be moderated by TU/e University Professor Bert Meijer.

Interesting read: “If everyone must meet this masculine norm to ‘succeed’ in academia, it is questionable whether academia really will become more diverse” (ScienceGuide)

A collaboration between TINT and Studium Generale.

This event is a collaboration with Studium Generale. Tickets are only available on the Studium Generale website: https://studiumgenerale-eindhoven.nl/nl/programma/lezing/superpowers-of-mf-scientists/

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On February 27th, UNICEF Student Team Eindhoven and TINT are organizing a potluck at De Huiskamer. At a potluck, everyone brings a homemade dish, which is shared and eaten together. This evening, a UNICEF volunteer will share a presentation about the "Back to School" project in Syria and Tint will encourage the discussion!
For food allergies and ingredients, we would like to ask you to fill in the form https://goo.gl/forms/jn3QhEngcbNXw2Lf2 . Also, while registering for the event we kindly ask for entrance fee of €2,50 which will be donated to the “Back to School” project. It aims at uplifting the educational infrastructure in the war-affected regions of Syria. All the money from this event goes to this fundraising activity.
We are looking forward to seeing you all at the potluck, as we share all the wonderful food and even better memories together!

Doors open at 18:00!
De Huiskamer, Lichtstraat 376, Eindhoven.

Price: €2,50 (donation)
Register on: www.tint-eindhoven.nl

It is not possible to cook at the location. Also, we will provide you with the cutlery and plates :)

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18|02|2019 Vision Board Workshop (Sold Out)

Experience the power and influence of creating a vision for yourself. It is one of the best ways of focusing on your dreams and plans for the life you would want to lead and the person you would want to be…
Join us for this workshop and bring a magazine that reflects your interests. One that you would be willing to cut up for the vision board you will make.
Time: 19:30 till 21:30
Location: TUe campus, La Luna, room 1.240
Tickets are limited!

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13|02|2019 Celebration of Women in Science with WISE (Sold Out)

TINT and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering - Eindhoven Network) are preparing an inspiring evening marking the United Nations’ International Day of Women and Girls in Science.


Join us on February 13th 2019, between 18:30-21:30, to listen to amazing speakers and meet inspiring people while enjoying a delicious dinner.  

This event is an opportunity to honour the increasing contribution of female scientists in technical fields and also a place to share personal stories and sources of inspiration by female role models in study and career choices.


We welcome ALL colleagues and students to join us in celebrating Women and Girls in Science in Eindhoven!


Event Details

Date: 13/02/2019

Time: 18:30-21:30

Location: The Hub Eindhoven

Tickets: 5€ for students / 7,50€ for Employees or other interested people



Event Program

18:30 Introduction of WISE & TINT by Dr. Karen Buchanan and Korin Slegers

18:45 Why Celebrate Women in Science? by Nidhi Sinha (PhD) and Ana Pereira

19:00 Inspiring presentation by Ir. Dan Jing Wu and Ir. Eline Sijbesma (both PhD)

19:30 Buffet style dinner

20:15 Inspiring presentation by Patricia Plantinga & Natasja van der Velden from Fight Like a Woman

20:45 Networking exercise

21:15 Let's have a drink and talk about your stories and insights!

21:30 Event wrap-up



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17|12|2018 End of the Year Celebration with TINT, TGD and OWC

TINT, Technology for Global Development and ONE WORLDcitizens invite you to celebrate the end of the year with us and make a powerful start of 2019!

The End of the Year Celebration is a time to reflect upon and celebrate the greatest moments and achievements of 2018 with everyone that works together locally and internationally on projects and start-ups to achieve the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 

Also, this is the perfect time to start dreaming about new projects, adventures and goals to achieve in 2019.

For that purpose, the three organisations join forces to give you an evening that will help make your goals come true. 
Tint will help you to find and listen to your inner voice, OWC will bring an amazing speaker to motivate you to follow that voice and, in the end, the three organisations will show you how to transform words in action together.

Event Program:
18:45 Walk-in
19:00 Welcome & Introduction
19:15 Dream with Tint
20:00 Dare with OWC
20:30 Do it together with Tint, TGD and OWC
21:00 Connect and celebrate with us and drinks in Hubble

The event is free, but please subscribe here:



Date: 17th of December at 19:00

Location: TU/e Innovation Space - Light Assembly Area


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27|11|2018 TU/e in Dialogue

When did you last have a great conversation?

Meet new people, gain new insights and participate in a dialogue at TU/e. This year’s theme: Facing your Future.

We often catch up with friends while having a coffee or beer, during dinner, over the phone or online. We debate the news and current affairs with friends, colleagues and family. However, we barely take the time for a balanced, in-depth conversation. So, take on the challenge: join the dialogue session at the TU/e Luna Building - Corona Hall. Everyone is welcome!

Facing your Future
What are your expectations for your future? Do you have it all mapped out or do you prefer to live by the day? Perhaps you are worried about what the future might bring, or look forward to the time that lies ahead. Whatever your experiences, this is your chance to share your views about the future with others.

TU/e in Dialogue Anniversary
This year marks the fifth edition of TU/e in Dialogue. To celebrate this memorable occasion, you are invited for a drink afterwards in Café Hubble (Luna)!

This event is a joint initiative of TINT [http://tint-eindhoven.nl/], Eindhoven in Dialoog [www.eindhovenindialoog.nl] and Studium Generale.

Participation is free, registration required.

For an English Dialogue register here: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/dialogue-tables-tue-november-27-2018-tickets-50209854025
If you prefer to participate in a Dutch dialogue register here: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-dialoog-tafels-tue-27-november-2018-50209997454



Date: 27th of November at 19:30

Location: Corona Hall - TU/e Luna Building, De Lampendriessen 31, 5612 AH Eindhoven


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14|11|2018 Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: Potluck

During the week of the International Student (12/11-18/11), TINT is organising an event focused on getting out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams!

Amazing speakers will share their personal stories to inspire us all to push ourselves into the adventure of life. Also, a great workshop will make us exercise our imagination in a more practical set-up. Since food is always a great companion for good conversations, TINT invites everyone to participate in this potluck!

A potluck is a joint meal where everyone brings their own food, either a started or a main dish, and share it with others. For this Potluck, TINT would like to ask you to bring food from your home country so everyone's taste buds can get out of their comfort zone as well!

TINT will provide plates and cutlery. However, you cannot cook at the Huiskamer. So please, com prepared and cook at home!

Save the date! More information will come soon!

Hope to see you all there and don't forget to register!



Date: 14th of November at 18:00

Location: The Jongerenhuis - Lichtstraat 376, Eindhoven


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17|10|2018 Pay it forward

On the evening of 17th of October, we will be hosting a dinner in collaboration with TU/e student, Limi Kalapurackal. The goal of this dinner is to raise money for a girls orphanage in India and to help them get an education. Limi will tell you all about it while our secret guest will present a topic of education from another point of view. Inspiring presentation and a nice meal will be a great start for discussions and exchange of experiences. We hope to see you there and don't forget to register!
Date: 17th of October at 18:00
Location: The Jongerenhuis: Lichtstraat 376, Eindhoven

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05|10|2018 From Tai Chi to Chai Tea (breakfast)

Start your day afresh with a healthy breakfast to nourish your body and mind!

What do you get up for in the morning? Start your day afresh with a healthy breakfast to nourish your body and mind! Cosmos, Tint and SG are offering you a fun and healthy opportunity to kick off the day in style with some food for the body and a bit of food for thought. Find out who is also a morning person (or simply doesn’t need sleep) and get to know your fellow students a little better in a fun and interactive way!

You can first attend a stimulating Tai Chi session (starting 07.30) to get all prepped for the brand new day.

Breakfast is free, but please sign up in advance.
Sign up on: https://studiumgenerale-eindhoven.nl/en/program/sg2460/sg2460-from-tai-chi-to-chai-tea/

More information can be found of Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/419362815256764/

In cooperation with Cosmos and TINT

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19|09|2018 Platonic Speed Date

Are you ready for some fun?
On the 19th of September Tint and Hubble are welcoming everyone for a platonic speed date evening! Come to meet new people and hopefully find new friends. It is a great opportunity to meet freshman or the old wolfs of Eindhoven, exchange ideas and make memories. To make it even better, Tint will prepare some games and Hubble will be serving snacks. Grab your friends or come alone, there will be plenty of interesting people! See you soon ;)
Time: 19:00 but you are welcome to come earlier and have dinner at the Hubble!
Location: Hubble Community Cafe (TUe campus).
Costs: € 1.50 for the snacks (drinks are not included but can be bought at the bar).

€ 1,50

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TINT & Cosmos will hosts the first dinner of the new study year together. Starting a new study means a lot of first impressions! A new place, new people and for international students a new country and culture! During a fun and informal dinner we will talk about all these new impressions.

Time: 18:30
Location: Common Room

€ 5,00

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01|06|2018 - Ladies Night

** NEW DATE **

Come celebrate the Ladies Night!

As a technical city, Eindhoven still has a majority of male students. Luckily, this is changing fast and us girls are finding and claiming our place at the educational institutions.

To celebrate this development and have a fun evening with only girls, TINT together with Proxy is hosting a Ladies Night. The evening will be filled with a fun but also powerful program. There will be an opportunity to enjoy a welcome cocktail and also, to connect with others, discuss experiences you might have had as a woman studying in Eindhoven.

When: 1st of June (Friday), doors open at 19:00.
Where: Student Hotel, 2nd floor (right above the bar).
Costs are €5 for a welcome cocktail and snacks.

€ 5,00

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09|05|2018 - Mind Matters: Mindfulness

Discover the power of breath and mind. In this workshop, you will learn simple yet powerful Breathing techniques and Guided Meditation. 

Breathing techniques and Meditation is a powerful life-skills tool for students. It teaches us how to be productive and dynamic while staying cool and centered. It empowers students to reach their highest potential. In short, the benefits are:

• Strengthen leadership skills and Time management
• Enhance focus, memory and concentration
• Emotional Intelligence
• Decrease stress and anxiety
• Restful sleep and stronger immune system
• Be happy, vibrant and joyful
• Improve relationships

Sessions are done weekly. This week it is on Wednesdays from 18:00 - 19:00. For upcoming weeks schedule will be posted later on.

The registration is not needed to join the workshop. All the information is weekly posted in the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/413378705768414/

Location: check the Facebook group.


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02|05|2018 - Dining with Strangers

Wednesday - 02-05-2018  18:30


ATMOS, TINT and COSMOS invite you to come Dine with Strangers.  During a dinner buffet we will embrace our multicultural backgrounds and get to know each other with some fun questions. After the dinner we will spice up the evening some more with a pop quiz and end the evening with music.  Places are limited, so make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible.


The evening will be hosted in The Hub in the center of Eindhoven. There will be a catered buffet, a fun quiz and hopefully a band. (If you have a suggestions please contact us ;)  

Drinks can be bought at the bar. 

ATMOS and COSMOS are multicultural associations at the TU/e. ATMOS is for PDEng's and COSMOS for bachelor and master students. TINT is an organisation that hosts events for personal development and life questions. 

To keep up to date on the event like the facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/362425730912593/



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We are hosting our annual International Dinner on Wednesday, the 25th of April. The theme this year is 'Inspiring Multicultural Teamwork'. It will once again be an evening filled with delicious food, inspiring talks, wonderful music and good company. A great opportunity for students, employees of TU/e, Fontys and companies in Eindhoven and surroundings to meet and share experiences.
Jef van den Hout (founder of Flow Concepts) will give a presentation on how to create the experience of flow within teams and Kavitha Varathan (CEO at Expat Spouses Initiative) will share her experiences with multicultural teamwork. Also, there will be sparkling live jazz music by The Handsome Four!

Since the number of participants for this event is limited, we kindly ask you to sign up through this form to our waiting list and wait for confirmation--> https://goo.gl/forms/EUaDoQg81iyC0cDu1

Date: Wednesday, April 25, 18:30h
Location: The Hub Eindhoven for Expats, Vestdijk 25
Entrance fee: free, a donation is appreciated (please bring some cash)
Sponsored by: Eindhoven Studentensta

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07|03|2018 Potluck: Students and Refugees

After the two successful 'Get Together: Students and Refugees' events, it's time for a follow-up (open for everyone)! Students, young professionals and young refugees will meet up and share the food of each other's culture together.
On the evening of 7th of March, we will be hosting a Potluck in the center of Eindhoven city. A potluck is bringing your own food and sharing it with others, either a starter or main dish. We will provide you with plates and cutlery. You cannot cook at the Jongerenhuis. Please, come prepared and cook at home!
For this event, we are collaborating with Cosmos - the international student association of TU Eindhoven. With their help, a special guest from Syria, that is now a student at TUe, will be introduced and he will share his life experiences before the dinner. Do not miss a chance to exchange ideas and to learn from each other.
See you on the 7th of March!

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