Listen to your body
Tools for life · 03 June 2024
"If you listen to your body when it whispers, it never has to scream." Listening to your body: it might sound easy, but… how do you do it?

Cursor Article: Different ideologies under one roof
TINT Mission · 01 May 2024
"How do you select general core values for different ideologies? According to FISO – the umbrella organization for the religious, LGBTQ+, international, vegan, and other associations – this is easier than it seems. “You have to look for the similarities, not the differences.” In this article TINT also talks about their values and shares their methods in finding similarities in values within a group.

Cursor Article: How to go about online dating
Events · 18 March 2024
Dick pics are definitely not the way to go. But what is the right way to ensure success on a dating app? Or the best way to meet a potential partner? On Tuesday evening, March 26, TINT and Studium Generale are organizing an event together to help you with these questions. You even get the chance to do some speed dating, but finding a partner that evening is not the goal of the event.

Perceptual Positions - Seeing it through other’s eyes
Tools for life · 12 February 2024
Have you ever felt misunderstood or like you’re not on the same wavelength with someone? Or wondered why someone doesn't seem to grasp your struggles? Perceptual Positions exercise can be a real game-changer in such scenarios.

Fear of climate change
Tools for life · 23 January 2024
More and more people are suffering from eco-anxiety: worries about climate change and its consequences. This is not surprising, because every day there are reports in the news about global warming, forest fires, floods, endangered species... Especially among young people, this can lead to feelings of stress, helplessness, and depression. How do you deal with these feelings? How do you stay confident despite everything?

Before I die I want to...
Tools for life · 22 December 2023
For several years now, when I am in the car, I have been in the habit of doing the following thought exercise: I imagine that we have an accident, in which I do not survive. What do I regret then that I cannot experience again? What would I have liked to have done, undertaken, experienced?

Cursor Article: Israel-Gaza dialogue only works if it doesn’t go into substance
Events · 27 November 2023
What’s happening in Israel and Gaza makes many people feel very sad, powerless and afraid. To accommodate these different emotions and perspectives, Studium Generale, ESA and TINT hosted a dialogue on the situation in the Middle East yesterday. he organizers had set out to create a safe environment in which everyone could speak up, without being judged.

Cursor Article: Cursor goes course-hopping | Word usage
Events · 25 May 2023
"Since it’s never too late to learn, we at Cursor always make time for a good course. This time, Cursor joins the Power of Words workshop offered by TINT on Tuesday night in a lecture hall in MetaForum. Kimberly Drabbels, the organization’s program manager wants to explore with us the fine line between hate speech and freedom of speech and also has an exercise in non-violent communication planned for us. Perfect timing."

Cursor Article: Sunny Bergman: “Recognize your subconscious prejudices”
Events · 11 May 2023
"She introduced the term sletvrees or "fear of being thought a slut" into the Dutch language and in her documentaries she confronts us with uncomfortable truths about racism and sexism. Her autobiographical book Mijn nazi-opa ("My Nazi Granddad") has recently been published. On Tuesday evening, program-maker, author and activist Bergman was a guest at TU/e. With an international audience she discussed the prejudices we all have, whether we know it or not."

How to make a good choice?
Tools for life · 28 March 2023
I have had quite some difficulties with making choices in my life. I often tend to keep doubting, thinking about my options, and jumping from one possibility to another in my mind. Until at some point I just 'tie the knot', hoping for the best... Fortunately, someone taught me a useful 'choice method': a way to make well-considered choices, in which your head and your heart can both participate. Curious? It goes like this:

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