Events · 26. November 2019
The event aimed to promote tolerance, understanding, and dialogue about each other’s’ identity struggles even when they were not directly relatable to our own experiences. No politics were allowed just conversations and questions from the heart which is quite a positive remark and hard to find these days when the topic is identity...

Events · 20. November 2019
On Wednesday 20th of November Tint in cooperation with Groep-één hosted the event ‘Well-being among students’ in Atlas at the Tu/e campus. This event aimed to create a place for students to openly talk about issues concerning their well being and brainstorm about solutions. Here I give you a glimpse into my experience as a participant.

Events · 27. October 2019
I was invited to dream about my future... This evening was a follow-up to the self-leadership workshop that I attended before, where we spent a night reflecting on our lives and core values. Both workshops helped me paint a more clear picture of what I want my future to be like.

Events · 02. October 2019
The theme of this mindful dinner was ''Emotion''. Energetic Alchemist has been known to transform lower state emotions into higher, more joyful emotions. Together, while guided by meditation, the participants experienced and transformed each emotion connecting deeper with themselves through the specifically designed dishes, all the way from anger to love.

Events · 14. May 2019
Nowadays, many students deal with stress, anxiety, depression, which can all result in burnout, especially since people don’t like talking about these ‘sensitive’ topics, which just makes it worse. Just hearing that it’s okay to sometimes feel depleted or having a very unproductive day isn’t the end of the world, was enough for certain attendees to feel more at peace with themselves.

Events · 08. May 2019
TINT invited Curious Piyuesh to teach students of Eindhoven a new way of presenting complex and abstract topics. Everything can be transformed into an exciting visual story from course annotations to your future dreams.

Events · 06. May 2019
Inspiring presentations, great food and live music... What is the actual meaning of it?

Events · 03. May 2019
TINT and 'Enter the Now' have joined forces to bring you some mindfulness during the busy times of exams week in the third quartile for you to take a break from your studies to join a short meditation session during lunchtime. The meditation session was guided by 'Enter the Now' to inspire you for productive study time.

Events · 12. March 2019
February 11th, Celebration of Women in Science 2020 is coming up! Learn more and get your tickets here! 'Wednesday evening, the 13th of February. Male, but even more female voices could be heard from The Hub. Joined together to celebrate a rather unknown event called the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Made curious by an evening filled with a wonderful dinner, interesting and exciting speeches and a round of discussions, people came from all different places to join and...

Events · 14. November 2018
Your comfort zone is a nice place to be, but getting out of it can definitely be a good thing. So during a fun potluck TINT provided an inspiring program to help students find their comfort zone and take some steps out of it.

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