How to build your social life
Events · 04 October 2022
"I will always try to participate in these events since they create such an inviting and cozy atmosphere that you can’t help but dive deep into yourself, and this is hard to find elsewhere." Read Geri Fodor's first experience in the How To Build Your Social Life workshop!

Strike Up the Conversation
Events · 22 September 2022
The TINT team has recently changed a lot with two new student assistants and, especially, a new program manager: Kimberly Drabbels! Read her experience in the first TINT event of the year with Cosmos: Strike Up the Conversation!

Cursor Article: Intro 2022 | How to connect with potential new friends
Events · 26 August 2022
Cursor followed all the interesting activities at the TU/e Bachelor Intro 2022 and attended the TINT Workshop: Platonic Speed Dating.

Who will I become?
Events · 14 June 2021
May 19th, 2021 TINT organized together with Laura Curta the workshop 'Who will I become?', an event in which you are guided to create a vision for your future self. It was an evening full of challenging exercises and inspiring conversations.

Dealing with perfectionism
Events · 11 June 2021
May 26th and June 2nd TINT organized together with Laura Curta the workshop 'Dealing with perfectionism'. The evening was filled with moments to share inspiration and tips, challenging conversations, and helpful exercises.

First Impressions
Events · 13 October 2020
October 7 th 2020 TINT organised together with Cosmos a social distancing first impressions meet-up. Yet, the distance didn't stop everyone from having connecting conversations and a great evening.

Events · 19 February 2020
Unboxing?? What is unboxing yourself? Those were the thoughts after seeing the initial advert for TU/e in Dialogue. Since I love to explore; I signed up. I didn’t know what to expect but I was up for finding out more. It turns out there were two concepts to the session.

Events · 11 February 2020
The second annual Celebration of Women in Science was during the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and had the theme: Investment in Equality in Science, Technology and Innovation in the Era of Digitalization for Sustainable Development and, for this reason, we invited 3 amazing speakers. We ended with a workshop to activate the attending men and women and inspire them to become the inspiration needed in their own fields.

Events · 26 November 2019
The event aimed to promote tolerance, understanding, and dialogue about each other’s’ identity struggles even when they were not directly relatable to our own experiences. No politics were allowed just conversations and questions from the heart which is quite a positive remark and hard to find these days when the topic is identity...

Events · 20 November 2019
On Wednesday 20th of November Tint in cooperation with Groep-één hosted the event ‘Well-being among students’ in Atlas at the Tu/e campus. This event aimed to create a place for students to openly talk about issues concerning their well being and brainstorm about solutions. Here I give you a glimpse into my experience as a participant.

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