Events · 06. May 2019
Inspiring presentations, great food and live music... What is the actual meaning of it?

Events · 03. May 2019
TINT and 'Enter the Now' have joined forces to bring you some mindfulness during the busy times of exams week in the third quartile for you to take a break from your studies to join a short meditation session during lunchtime. The meditation session was guided by 'Enter the Now' to inspire you for productive study time.

Events · 12. March 2019
Wednesday evening, the 13th of February. Male, but even more female voices could be heard from The Hub. Joined together to celebrate a rather unknown event called the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Made curious by an evening filled with a wonderful dinner, interesting and exciting speeches and a round of discussions, people came from all different places to join and celebrate one of the biggest underdogs in the work field; the woman in science. As an actual woman in science, I...

Events · 14. November 2018
Your comfort zone is a nice place to be, but getting out of it can definitely be a good thing. So during a fun potluck TINT provided an inspiring program to help students find their comfort zone and take some steps out of it.

Events · 24. October 2018
A benefit evening for an orphanage in India.

Events · 26. September 2018
A platonic speed date on the TU/e campus to meet new people and to make social connections.