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Did you know that TINT offers workshops available for groups upon request? In addition to already scheduled workshops that can be found in the Agenda tab, on this page you can find an overview of workshops we can provide for groups such as associations or boards.


The workshops can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of the group in consultation, so we always like to discuss the details with you. The duration is usually 2 to 2,5 hours and can be given either during daytime or evenings, upon availability of the trainers. The workshops are preferably given in English. Every workshop is provided by one or two TINT life coaches, for which we adhere to an average compensation of €250 (incl. BTW) for student associations.


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Work-life balance

Stress management



Understanding who you are, what you can do and where you want to go are the first steps towards self-leadership. But how to find all this knowledge about ourselves? Let TINT help you out with that! 


In this workshop, you will go through several exercises that will shed light on the core values that guide you in different aspects of your life.


Our life coaches will then help you to incorporate those values in your daily life and to create more space for what is truly meaningful to you. 


Take the wheel in your life and be in full control of all decisions!



Helps with self-confidence, decision-making, and work-life balance

Duration: 2,5 hours



Perfectionism can be a blessing but, also, a huge burden. It may help you excel in your studies and other activities although your success is often accompanied by some stress and anxiety.


This workshop aims to help you understand what perfectionism is, where it comes from and how to get it under control. You will explore how perfectionism establishes itself in your behaviour and thinking patterns and, from that insight, you will learn practical tools to handle its burdens, to gain more self-acceptance and to give your perfectionism a positive turn around in your favour.


Don’t let your perfectionism get in your way!



Helps with stress management, decision-making, procrastination, and self-acceptance

Duration: 2 hours



Friendships, relationships and social contacts are a big part of our lives. However, these contacts can sometimes be a scary yet an exciting adventure. Are you curious about how to ride this rollercoaster? 


This workshop is about the art of connection-making. From making a good first impression and starting a conversation with a stranger, to increasing meaning in existing relationships. ⁠You will learn why having some social anxiety and comparing ourselves to others is absolutely normal. You will get some simple, but useful tricks to boost your self-confidence to talk with anyone more easily, and you will gain insights about 'I-you-relationships' and how to work with a sociogram. 


Learn how making a connection actually works and create durable relationships.



Helps with self-confidence, social anxiety, and meaningful connections

Duration: 2,5 hours



Take a break from your studies to join a short meditation session to inspire you for a more productive study time.


Gather a group in your department or association to enjoy a moment of self-care and connection with yourself and those surrounding you.   


Together, let’s increase focus and lower stress through mindfulness!



Helps with stress-management, study focus, and mindful living

Duration: 40 minutes (20-25 minutes of meditation + sharing moment)



It's interesting how much effort we usually put into showing a perfect image of ourselves to the world. At the same time it takes a lot of energy to push those elements of ourselves away that we'd rather like to hide. While giving space to being yourself brings 'space to breath', pleasure, more meaningful connections, relaxation and in the end it also makes you stronger as a person.


In this workshop, you'll reflect for yourself and with the group about the question: What are my traits that I would (not) like to show to others? And you will discuss and discover your personal answer that will help you be more comfortable in your own shoes.


Reflect on your personal traits, grow your self-awareness and learn how to be your true self among others.



Helps with self-acceptance, self-confidence, and making meaningful connections

Duration: 2 hours



Do you usually worry too much and have no idea how to stop?

No worries, this workshop is for you!


In this workshop, TINT will help you understand the reasons and thought processes behind your worries so you can learn how to start dealing with them.

TINT will suggest several practical methods to deal with worries while they unfold and, also, how to maintain a more balanced life to reduce the concerns you have to deal with. These methods are accessible to everyone and can be applied in everyday life. 



Helps with stress management, procrastination, and mindful living

Duration: 2 hours



‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ What is my passion in life? What are my skills? How do I make the right choice? Can I even turn my passion into my future? So many tricky questions!


During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your passions, skills, education, aspirations, and tools needed to guide you towards your ideal career.

Our life coaches will help you to materialise those ideas into the next steps you may take, so you can do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. 


Find your passion and make every career decision a little bit easier with this workshop.



Helps with decision-making, work-life balance, and future life

Duration: 2,5 hours



Sometimes it can be tricky to talk about your challenges, share experiences, find solutions and move forward step by step, especially amidst a group of people.However, making the most of common wisdom can give you new ideas and perspectives to overcome personal roadblocks. 


This workshop is all about creating a safe place for you to speak up and, also, learn and get inspired by others who share their struggles too. Improve your active listening skills, learn to share your challenges and shift your focus from problems to solutions.

Topics can vary from time management, to decision making and prioritising.


Create the confidence to speak up about what’s on your mind, so that you can start making a change.




Helps with decision-making, work-life balance, stress management, and communication

Duration: 2 hours



This workshop is focused on stress management and burn-out prevention. In an interactive manner, TINT aims to help you to identify your current sources of stress and to deconstruct them into manageable pieces that are easier to deal with. 


In this workshop you gain an overview of the tasks that are on your plate and you find ways to make more room for things that inspire you. Take some pressure off your mind and learn practical tools to look inside yourself and reflect on what really matters to you.


Do you feel that stress is taking over your life? Prevent a burn-out with this workshop.



Helps with stress-management, work-life balance, study focus, and burn-out prevention

Duration: 2 hours


Follow your gut feeling and let yourself be free to create a vision for your future life. Visualisation is an effective technique to express both your abstract and concrete ideas about a specific project or the person you want to be. After you know where you want to go, it becomes easier to plan your first step towards that vision. 


For this workshop, bring one or more magazines that reflect your interests and you would be willing to cut up for the vision board you will make.


Visualise your future and start making it come true!



Helps with decision-making, communication, work-life balance, and future life

Duration: 2,5 hours



Inclusive Leadership is an emerging capability to help organizations adapt to diverse audiences, ideas, and talents. An important trait is the leader’s visible commitment to seeking diversity & inclusion in decision-making and their awareness of biases.


For example, think about a study association with a Dutch board but half of its members are international. How to make these students engaged? How to make communication work despite cultural differences? How to make everyone feel part of the community?


Another example could be creating an open and safe environment in an association to make LGBTQ+ people comfortable to be who they are. Or to make females feel safe in a male-dominated environment. 


First, there is a meeting with you to understand the needs of your association. 

Have you faced a surge in international students? 

Maybe your members have asked for fewer alcohol-drinking activities? 

Maybe there is a group of students that don’t appear at all in your activities? 

We can reflect together on how the organization can improve.  

Second, TINT develops the workshop content following a 4-step method:

1) Explore your organization's core values

2) Create an open environment for dialogue

3) Build bridges between differences

4) Prevent and deal constructively with conflict


In the first session, topics 1 & 2 are explored to find steps that you can take for a more open and collaborative organization. There is usually homework given so you can hear your members about those ideas. After more or less a month, the second session explores topics 3 & 4 based on your input and experiences doing your homework. 


This process is built together with you so your feedback throughout the whole process is very valuable. TINT doesn’t intend to lecture you about what you should or should not do. We want to help you find any blind spots, if they exist, and together reflect on a more inclusive and welcoming organization for everyone. 



Helps with becomming more inclusive

Duration: 2x 2,5 hours

Costs: €500



In existing groups where people work together, the way people communicate with each other has a major influence on effectiveness and job satisfaction. Even in the best teams, you come across people who go along well and people who clash again and again, simply because people are different. In this workshop, you will gain insight into your own communication style, into that of others, and into why some people clash or hit it off. You get to know yourself and your colleagues or teammates better in a personal way.


We do this on the basis of a communication style model and experiential exercises. With this model, you will look at your own behavior and that of others. This way, you discover what is typical for you in the contact and how that is with your teammates. The workshop consists of two half-days. In the second part of the workshop, possible situations where things went wrong are discussed as examples, in such a way that it clears up. You will also learn how to deal with people who are different from you and even how to hit it off with 'difficult' people! This workshop creates a more open atmosphere and a stronger bond within the team.



Helps with communication, and self-awareness

Target group: Groups that work together for a longer period of time, for example, a project group, a board, or a department.

Amount of participants: 4 - 16

Duration: 2 half days

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