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Showing yourself
Tools for life · 11 May 2022
Life Coach Margit followed an inspiring training about 'Fear of success and failure', from this training she developed the workshop ‘Show yourself to the world’. In this blog, Margit shares her inspiration and experiences with the training and the workshop.

Cursor Article: General silence room in Atlas in practice attracts mostly Muslims
Tools for life · 23 February 2022
TU/e news platform Cursor wrote a great article about the silence room in Atlas, which you can read here. It's great to see that this room we worked so hard for is being used, and we hope that more students who could use a break take the freedom to visit the space and enjoy a moment of silence here. Find the original article by Bridget Alcione Spoor in this blog as well.

5 tips for trust
Tools for life · 02 February 2022
At the moment, a lot is going on in the world that can concern or frighten you: climate change, extremism, the pandemic. Or maybe your studies, job or friends/family. In this blog, TINT Life coach Margit shares 5 easy tips to reflect or create space to breathe.

Questions from students about love
Tools for life · 15 November 2021
In October 2021 TINT organised a ‘Love Lessons’ event. During this event, Inge van de Vorst from De Liefdesdokter (The Love Docter) and Margit van Tuijl (life coach at TINT) had inspiring conversations with students about love and shared insights about this vulnerable topic. However, not all the questions from students could be answered during the event. Therefore, Inge and Margit shed their light on some of the unanswered questions in this blog.

Life hacks from positive psychology
Tools for life · 16 July 2021
In this blog, Life Coaching intern Izabella explains how you can pursue happiness through positive psychology. Can you check all of the boxes in your life?

Starting over from scratch: tips and tricks to make it a success
Tools for life · 18 May 2021
Izabella, TINT's latest life coaching intern knows all about starting from scratch! She is born and raised in Serbia, then lived in Hungary for some time before moving to the Netherlands for work. She has been living in Eindhoven for 2,5 years at the time she wrote this blog. So today she is sharing some tips on how to make your new home city or country your own.

Meaning in life!
Tools for life · 15 April 2021
Life coach Margit shares her view on what makes life meaningful and how one can find their meaning to live.

Tools for life · 30 October 2020
The word 'empowerment' has often been used in the future of TINT: it is about helping students to develop their skills, so that they can grow in connection with themselves, others, life and (for the religious students) with God.

Tools for life · 20 October 2020
Guest? Or equal? As a half Antillean, half Dutch woman in the Netherlands, and as a member of TINT, I cannot ignore that racism is still proving to be a major problem. In the world, in the Netherlands, and possibly among students in Eindhoven. I give you a sneak peek into my view, with this opinion piece.

Tools for life · 10 September 2020
At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, TINT welcomed a new event organizer. She shares her search for ways to make the world a better place and the resulting list of 51 different ways to change the world.

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