TINT organizes a workshop to help you gain more confidence in who you are. Participate in a meaningful conversation about the power you have to build your own identity, and allow yourself to be inspired.


You will be defining a vision for your (future) self, but also learn how this vision supports you to make better decisions and to comfortably connect with others.  


Today we travel faster than ever and further than ever. At the same time, the expectations placed on

our shoulders are getting heavier. When faced with so many expectations and so many options,

the most important question becomes: "Who am I?".

Being confident in your identity will help you clarify your future goals, your future decisions,

and the way you live. Looking beyond appearances fosters understanding, so that we can come together with an open mind and willingness to communicate at a deeper level.


Do you want to gain confidence in your identity and create a vision for your (future) self?

And are you interested in finding out what brings people together at a profound and meaningful level?

Then, 'Finding Common Ground' is a workshop just for you!


| Event Details |

Date: Wednesday, May 19th 2021

Time: 19:00- 21:00

Location: To be announced 

Price: €3,-

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TINT and Enter the Now are hosting online guided meditations so you can start, explore or deepen your mindfulness skills within a lively community no matter where you are.

Join us for a meditation session during lunchtime (12:40-13:20) to inspire you for a productive study time and a life focused on the present moment. Meditation is a way of becoming aware of what’s alive inside of yourself. By meditating regularly, you will develop a stronger connection with yourself, others, and life. This connection can help you with finding more calmness in your days, increasing focus on what you’re doing, coping with stress, and building resilience.
Both advanced meditation practitioners and beginners are welcome! The meditation is guided by TINT or Enter the Now and will take about 15-20 minutes. Next to the meditation, there is plenty of time to share and connect within the group.

Join us every Tuesday during lunchtime (12:40-13:20) for a short meditation via Microsoft Teams
So, how can you join via Microsoft Teams?
1. Click HERE
2. You are directed to a new tab
3. Choose between joining via the browser or Teams app
4. Join the meditation
5. Enjoy 😉
Students & Staff are welcome alike!
No registration needed, just join us!
Relax your mind!
Take a break!
And enter the now!

On-demand meditation

Looking for on-demand meditation? We also provide that! Listen to the episodes in our podcast (also available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast, search for Tools For Life) or go to YouTube for your favourite TINT & Enter The Now guided meditation sessions.


A course to get you started with mindfulness



Would you like to:

  • Reduce stress and increase resilience?
  • Become more grounded and focused?
  • Develop a soothing morning routine?


For most of us, the ongoing world-wide pandemic has added an increasing amount of stress to our daily lives. Mindfulness can help in coping with stress and building resilience. Have you always been curious about what mindfulness can do for you? If not, give it a try for a couple of weeks! Do you struggle to stay motivated during this #stayhome period? Start your day with us, and we can support you to reduce your stress and increase your focus and motivation.


Together, PROOF, Enter the Now, and TINT have developed a mindfulness program for everyone. Though the sessions are meant as an introduction to mindfulness for beginners, to help you try out mindfulness and make practice a regularity, anyone at TU/e is welcome to join. The program will help you start your day more grounded and focused.


A new pilot has started with a 5 week course for smaller groups which come together online once a week. Each session consists of a relaxed start and a mindfulness meditation exercise of about 10 minutes. In the end, there will always be room for sharing tips, tricks, and experiences that can inspire you to have a relaxed and productive working day.



  • 30 minutes
  • a relaxed start
  • mindfulness meditation exercise of about 10 minutes
  • room for sharing tips, tricks, and experiences


Meet our mindfulness guides Dan & Nuriye

Nuriye, you might already know as a TINT event organizer. She is a third-year Bachelor student at Applied Physics. She discovered mindfulness through yoga, when she was still in high school. When she started university, this 'skill' became even more relevant. Suddenly, the world demands so much more from you. She found the Tuesday Mindfulness Breaks by TINT and Enter the Now, now she also guides this more advanced session as well.

Dan is a second-year student who is active in Enter the Now, our campus’s association involved in creating a community around consciousness, spirituality and mindfulness. He began his journey when he used it as a tool to help deal with personal circumstances that were affecting him emotionally.



Are you curious about mindfulness, but committing to it on your own is a challenge? Then the 5 week course is a good way to get you started and keep you motivated!

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