01|06|2018 - Ladies Night

** NEW DATE **

Come celebrate the Ladies Night!

As a technical city, Eindhoven still has a majority of male students. Luckily, this is changing fast and us girls are finding and claiming our place at the educational institutions.

To celebrate this development and have a fun evening with only girls, TINT together with Proxy is hosting a Ladies Night. The evening will be filled with a fun but also powerful program. There will be an opportunity to enjoy a welcome cocktail and also, to connect with others, discuss experiences you might have had as a woman studying in Eindhoven.

When: 1st of June (Friday), doors open at 19:00.
Where: Student Hotel, 2nd floor (right above the bar).
Costs are €5 for a welcome cocktail and snacks.

€ 5,00

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(English Below)


We zoeken vanaf 15 juni 2018 voor gemiddeld 8 uur/week een student-assistent/e die zich wil inzetten voor onze internationale en Nederlandse TINT activiteiten. Vergoeding volgens de regeling van student-assistentschappen aan de TU/e.


Ben je geïnteresseerd in mensen uit verschillenden culturen?

Sta je open voor thema’s rond persoonlijke ontwikkeling en levensvragen, zingeving en maatschappelijk engagement?

Ben je een gemakkelijke netwerker en teamspeler?

Vind je het leuk om events met en voor studenten te organiseren?

Ben je vertrouwd met social media en weet je er creatief mee om te gaan?

Beheers je zowel de Nederlandse als Engelse taal goed?

Ben je flexibel qua werktijden?

Vind je het niet erg om ook fysiek de mouwen uit de handen te steken?

Als deze vragen je aanspreken, dan hopen we jouw sollicitatie brief te mogen ontvangen.


Je taken:

* In nauwe samenwerking met de tweede student-assistent/e internationale Eat&Meets en andere culturele activiteiten organiseren.

* Aankondigen van TINT activiteiten via Facebook en andere communicatiekanalen.

* Coördineren en beantwoorden van de aanmeldingen voor activiteiten.

* Netwerken onder studenten en studenten- en studieverenigingen.

* Het gezicht van TINT zijn bij activiteiten.

* Deelname aan besprekingen van het TINT-team.


TINT is een inspirerend studentenplatform dat zich bezighoudt met cultuur, persoonlijke ontwikkelingen zingeving, met ruimte voor gezelligheid en verdieping. TINT organiseert culturele ontmoetings- activiteiten, zoals Eat&Meets en International Dinners. Daarnaast zijn er workshops en discussieavon- den die je helpen vragen te beantwoorden, zoals: ‘Wat motiveert mij?’, ‘Wat inspireert mij?’, ‘Hoe blijf ik in contact met mezelf, met anderen en met de wereld om mij heen?’ Je kunt bij TINT ook terecht voor een persoonlijk gesprek. Alle studenten van de TU/e, Fontys Hogescholen en Design Academy Eindhoven zijn welkom bij TINT


Meer informatie over TINT vind je op onze website www.tint-eindhoven.nl en op www.facebook.com/tint.tue


Als je geïnteresseerd bent in deze baan, stuur dan jouw brief met CV tot uiterlijk 14 mei naar het volgende adres: m.v.tuijl@tue.nl



We’re looking for a new student assistant for an average of 8 hour per week starting on June 15th 2018 to help organize international and Dutch TINT activities. Allowance will be according to TU/e student assistant payment scale.


Are you interested in meeting people from different cultures?

Are you open to themes such as: personal development, life questions and spirituality?

Are you an easy networker and team player?

Would you enjoy organizing events with and for students?

Do you have an affinity with social media and can you use it creatively?

Are you flexible in your working hours?

Are you willing to sometimes work physically?

Do you have Dutch and English speaking skills?

If the majority of these questions can be answered positively, then we would gladly receive your solicitation.


Your tasks:

Organizing Eat & Meets and other cultural activities together with a second student assistant.

Communicating events through Facebook and other means of communication.

Coordinating event subscriptions and answering emails of subscriptions to the events.

Networking with students and other student associations.

Being the face of TINT at activities.

Participating and contributing to team meetings.


TINT is an inspiring student platform that deals with culture, personal development and spirituality. More importantly there is always room for fun and having deeper and more meaningful conversations. TINT organizes cultural events to get to know one another, such as Eat & Meets and International Dinners. Furthermore, TINT also offers workshops and discussion evenings that will help you answer questions such as: “What motivates me?”, “What inspires me? “, “How do I stay connected with myself, with others and the world around me?”. You can also contact TINT for a personal talk. All students from TU/e, Fontys and the Design Academy Eindhoven are welcome at TINT!


For further information about TINT you can check out our website www.tint-eindhoven.nl and at t www.facebook.com/tint.tue


If you’re interested in this job, please send your motivation and CV before 14th of May to the following address: m.v.tuijl@tue.nl


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09|05|2018 - Mind Matters: Mindfulness

Discover the power of breath and mind. In this workshop, you will learn simple yet powerful Breathing techniques and Guided Meditation. 

Breathing techniques and Meditation is a powerful life-skills tool for students. It teaches us how to be productive and dynamic while staying cool and centered. It empowers students to reach their highest potential. In short, the benefits are:

• Strengthen leadership skills and Time management
• Enhance focus, memory and concentration
• Emotional Intelligence
• Decrease stress and anxiety
• Restful sleep and stronger immune system
• Be happy, vibrant and joyful
• Improve relationships

Sessions are done weekly. This week it is on Wednesdays from 18:00 - 19:00. For upcoming weeks schedule will be posted later on.

The registration is not needed to join the workshop. All the information is weekly posted in the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/413378705768414/

Location: check the Facebook group.

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02|05|2018 - Dining with Strangers

Wednesday - 02-05-2018  18:30


ATMOS, TINT and COSMOS invite you to come Dine with Strangers.  During a dinner buffet we will embrace our multicultural backgrounds and get to know each other with some fun questions. After the dinner we will spice up the evening some more with a pop quiz and end the evening with music.  Places are limited, so make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible.


The evening will be hosted in The Hub in the center of Eindhoven. There will be a catered buffet, a fun quiz and hopefully a band. (If you have a suggestions please contact us ;)  

Drinks can be bought at the bar. 

ATMOS and COSMOS are multicultural associations at the TU/e. ATMOS is for PDEng's and COSMOS for bachelor and master students. TINT is an organisation that hosts events for personal development and life questions. 

To keep up to date on the event like the facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/362425730912593/



€ 10,00

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We are hosting our annual International Dinner on Wednesday, the 25th of April. The theme this year is 'Inspiring Multicultural Teamwork'. It will once again be an evening filled with delicious food, inspiring talks, wonderful music and good company. A great opportunity for students, employees of TU/e, Fontys and companies in Eindhoven and surroundings to meet and share experiences.
Jef van den Hout (founder of Flow Concepts) will give a presentation on how to create the experience of flow within teams and Kavitha Varathan (CEO at Expat Spouses Initiative) will share her experiences with multicultural teamwork. Also, there will be sparkling live jazz music by The Handsome Four!

Since the number of participants for this event is limited, we kindly ask you to sign up through this form to our waiting list and wait for confirmation--> https://goo.gl/forms/EUaDoQg81iyC0cDu1

Date: Wednesday, April 25, 18:30h
Location: The Hub Eindhoven for Expats, Vestdijk 25
Entrance fee: free, a donation is appreciated (please bring some cash)
Sponsored by: Eindhoven Studentensta

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07|03|2018 Potluck: Students and Refugees

After the two successful 'Get Together: Students and Refugees' events, it's time for a follow-up (open for everyone)! Students, young professionals and young refugees will meet up and share the food of each other's culture together.
On the evening of 7th of March, we will be hosting a Potluck in the center of Eindhoven city. A potluck is bringing your own food and sharing it with others, either a starter or main dish. We will provide you with plates and cutlery. You cannot cook at the Jongerenhuis. Please, come prepared and cook at home!
For this event, we are collaborating with Cosmos - the international student association of TU Eindhoven. With their help, a special guest from Syria, that is now a student at TUe, will be introduced and he will share his life experiences before the dinner. Do not miss a chance to exchange ideas and to learn from each other.
See you on the 7th of March!

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