Do you sometimes long for a deeper connection with others around you?

Do you wish to have more time to connect with yourself and your dreams?
Do you want to understand and express your feelings in a more effective way?
If this year has taught us anything is that humans crave for social contact and thrive by connecting with each other. But what about connecting with ourselves? Do you take the time to look inside and accept what you are feeling with no judgement?
That’s tricky, right? Well, you are not alone in this!  
An important tool that helps us acknowledge our feelings, understand what their role is and, most importantly, create the trust we need to express ourselves in a vulnerable way is non-violent communication.  
During this workshop, we will explore the basics of non-violent communication by engaging with different practical exercises. The goal is to provide a safe space for the full range of emotions, to connect with one another, and to learn a few tools that will help you connect with others in a more authentic way.


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Date: 30 Sep 2020
Time: 19:00-21:00
Location: Coming soon
Price: 3€


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Are you up for this challenge?

Join us on September 30th between 19:00-21:00

for an experience of a lifetime.  




More information about the location will be disclosed soon. 

Podcast Diana Ciolca

TINT Event Organizer Ana interviewed Diana about how she discovered nonviolent communication and how, with this tool, she can help someone accept themselves in all of their emotions and feelings, and therefore connect with themselves and others more. She also shares some inspiring thoughts about being a perfect being, about pleasure and sexuality. Listen to the Tools For Life podcast here!

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New Academic Year, New weekly Mindfulness Break series.

TINT and Enter the Now will be meeting online so you can keep meditating in a group but in your own home.
Join us every Tuesday during lunchtime (12:40-13:20) for a short meditation via Microsoft Teams
So, how can you join via Microsoft Teams?
1. Click HERE
2. You are directed to a new tab
3. Choose between joining via the browser or Teams app
4. Join the meditation
5. Enjoy 😉
The meditation sessions will be guided by 'Enter the Now' or by TINT Life Coach, Margit van Tuijl, to inspire you for productive study time and a life focused in the present moment.
Students & Staff are welcome alike!
No registration needed, just join us!
Relax your mind!
Take a break!
And enter the now!

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