First Impression Dinner: 04|09|2019

This year, once again, TINT & Cosmos will host the first dinner of the new study year together and starting a new study means a lot of first impressions! A new place, new people and for international students, a new country and culture. Join us for a fun and informal dinner, learn about Dutch culture in a light presentation and get to know loads of new people!

Time: 18:30
Location: Common Room, TUe campus

€ 5,00

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mindful sup workshop: 11|09|2019

Would you like to find balance in life?
Nowadays we spend a lot of time on our computer, tablet or phone. We sit too much inside instead of moving outside. Effect? We get easily overwhelmed. distracted and tired.
Stand up paddling can help you to:
- Reconnect with your body
- Relax and release stress
- Create a healthy work/life balance
- Prevent stress and burnout
That is why Tint introduces students to Supcoach workshop that is 1.5 hour of stand up paddling with a group of 4-6 people while being guided into relaxation with mindfulness and meditation exercises. The session starts with instructions followed by a body scan meditation. Then we get on the water (not in!) and after getting comfortable with the stand up paddling technique, we continue with the mindful experience :)
You will be more relaxed and leave with a clear head at the end of the session, we promise!
| Event Details |
Date: Wednesday, 11th September 2019.
Time: meeting at 18:45, departing on your SUP trip at 19:00
Location: Eeuwsel, Dutmalapad at TUe Eindhoven.
Full price: 15€ (10€ can be paid on the spot before the event starts)
Deposit paid before the event: 5€
Safety is important, that is why we require everyone who signs up to be ABLE TO SWIM. It is unlikely to fall in the water but better safe than sorry!
A waiting list in case we ran out of tickets:

€ 5,00

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MINDFULNESS BREAK next up: 04|06|2019

After the success of the 'Mindfulness Break from Exams', Tint Eindhoven and Enter the Now have joined forces to bring you some mindfulness every week!


Every Tuesday, join us in a short meditation session during lunch time (12:40-13:20) at Metaforum.


The meditation session will be guided sometimes by 'Enter the Now' and other times by TINT to inspire you for productive study time and a life focused in the present moment.


No registration needed, just join us!


Relax your mind!

Take a break!

And enter the now!


Event Details |

Date: 05/14 Location: MF 2 Guided by: TINT

Date: 05/21 Location: MF 15 Guided by: Enter the Now

Date: 05/28 Location: MF 3 Guided by: Enter the Now

Date: 06/04 Location: MF 2 Guided by: TINT

Date: 06/11 Location: MF 3 Guided by: Enter the Now

Date: 06/18 Location: MF 3 Guided by: Enter the Now

Date: 06/25 Location: MF 3 Guided by: TINT

Date: 07/02 Location: MF 15 Guided by: Enter the Now  

€ 0,00

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