18|10|2017 - Potluck: Students and Refugees

Wednesday 18-10-2017 18:30


After the last successful 'Get together: students and refugees' it's time for a follow-up (open for every one)! Students, young professionals and young refugees will meet up and share food together of each other's culture. 
On the evening of 18th of October we will be hosting a Potluck. A potluck is basically bringing your own food and sharing it with others, either a starter or main dish. We will be providing you with desserts, drinks and cutlery. You cannot cook at the Jongerenhuis, so please come prepared and cook at home!
We're collaborating with Unicef Student Team Eindhoven on this event. They will be telling a bit about what UNICEF's activities are and what students can do to help along side their studies. There will be some short presentations before food, so make sure to be there to hear about what UNICEF's programs are in other countries, experiences of some students, and an introduction to Unicef Student Team Eindhoven and how you can join them. 

This event serves as a way to exchange ideas and to learn from each other.
See you on the 18th of October!
Date: 18th of October at 19:00 (18:30h doors open)
Entrance fee: None (bring your own food)
Location: The jongerenhuis: Lichtstraat 376
Sign up: through our website: tint-eindhoven.nl
Questions: info@tint-eindhoven.nl

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20|09|2017 - Dining with Strangers

Wednesday 04-10-2017 18:30 


The ultimate way to meet new people is to share a meal with them. Together with the Student Sportcenter TINT wants to set up a recurring dinner with strangers. For this first edition we are looking for enthusiastic people who would like to brainstorm with us! 


Time: 18:30 (doors open at 18:00)

Location: Het Jongerenhuis - Lichtstraat 376

Price: 5,00 includes a great meal, tea, coffee 


€ 5,00

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06|09|2017 - First Impressions Dinner

Wednesday 06-09-2017 18:30


TINT & Cosmos will hosts the first dinner of the new study year together. Starting a new study means a lot of first impressions! A new place, new people and for international students a new country and culture! During a fun and informal dinner we will talk about all these new impressions.


Time: 18:30 

Location: Cosmos Common Room

Costs: If you sign up during the intro week it's free, after that €5. To get the discount use the code: intro2017 

€ 5,00

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24|08|2017 - INTRO : Power Nap workshops

Thursday 24-08-2017 All day 


After surviving 4 days of the introduction week. We expect a lot of tired students. So on Thursday we will over power napping workshops for all exhausted students. 

We will start de workshop with some very relaxing exercises, that will help everyone fall asleep easily. After a short powernap there will be time to discuss the dreams everyone has for the new studie and schoolyear! 


You can sign up for the workshop on the TU/e  intro website. There will be three time slots and the location is opposite the sport center on the grass. 


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22|08|2017 - Intro : Groene Loper festival

Tuesday  22-08-2017  13:00 


You can find us at the Groene Loper festival again this year! We will have a stand with some though questions and very nice rewards ;) 

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