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"Speak Up & Move Forward” is a series of monthly TINT events where students (BSc, MSc, PhD & PDEng) will have the opportunity to talk about their challenges, share experiences, find solutions and move forward step by step.


It’s all about making the most of common wisdom in order to overcome personal roadblocks. If you want to speak up or simply want to learn from others, come and join us!


Let's shift the focus from problems to solutions together!


February’s topic will be "What to do first?".


Nowadays, most people are expected to study hard, work hard, be social, be fit, be mindful, be a traveler, be perfect! We must enjoy every opportunity presented, fulfil our dreams and be happy!


Wow, this sounds quite overwhelming! So, what to do first? Where to start? What needs to be done today and what can wait for tomorrow? 


Join us to find out how to answer these questions and find time to the meaningful moments in your life!

While enjoying a cup of tea and cookies, of course ;)



| Event Details |

Date: February 3rd, 2020

Time: 18:30-20:30

Location: TU/e Atlas Building - Room 2.320 (Up the red stairs, on your right before the elevators) 

Price: €2,50 Students Only (BSc, MSc, PhD & PDEng)


In 2020 TINT and WISE-network (Women in Science and Engineering - Eindhoven Network) are joining forces again by preparing an inspiring evening marking the 5th United Nations’ International Day of Women and Girls in Science


Join us on February 11th, 2020, between 18:00-21:30, to celebrate women in science in Brainport’s Eindhoven, listen to amazing speakers and meet inspiring people while enjoying a delicious dinner.


This year’s theme: Investment in Equality in Science, Technology and Innovation in the Era of Digitalization for Sustainable Development.


This event is an opportunity to honor the increasing contribution of female scientists in technical fields and also a place to share personal stories and sources of inspiration by female role models in study and career choices.


Blog: Celebration of Women in Science 2019

TU/e student Korin wrote a blog about her experience of Celebration of Women in Science 2019:
"Wednesday evening, the 13th of February. Male, but even more female voices could be heard from The Hub. Joined together to celebrate a rather unknown event called the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Made curious by an evening filled with a wonderful dinner, interesting and exciting speeches and a round of discussions, people came from all different places to join and celebrate one of the biggest underdogs in the work field; the woman in science.

As an actual woman in science, I wish I knew more about the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. I figured there are probably a lot of others who feel the same, which is probably why many people signed up! With an excited, yet curious mind I set out on my trip to The Hub, where a delicious meal and an interesting evening would await me."

Continue reading here.


We welcome ALL colleagues and students to join us in celebrating Women in Science in Eindhoven.


| Event Details |

Date: February 11, 2020

Time: 18:00 - 21:30

Location: Blauwe Zaal / Senaatszaal, Auditorium, TU/e

More details soon to be announced.



It's the new quartile & Tint Eindhoven and Enter the Now bring you more Mindfulness breaks!


Every Tuesday, join us for a short meditation session during lunch time (12:40-13:20) in Metaforum, room MF2.


The meditation sessions will be guided by Enter the Now or by TINT Life Coach, Margit van Tuijl, to inspire you for productive study time and a life focused in the present moment.


Students & staff alike are welcome!

No registration needed, just join us!


Relax your mind!

Take a break!

And enter the now!


| Event Details |

11/12     Location: MF 2     Guided by: TINT

11/19     TU/e Vitality Week Special session!

11/26     Location: MF 4     Guided by: Enter the Now

12/03     Location: MF 2     Guided by: TINT

12/10     Location: MF 2     Guided by: Enter the Now

12/17     Location: MF 2     Guided by: Enter the Now

01/07     Location: MF 2     Guided by: TINT

01/14     Location: MF 2     Guided by: Enter the Now

01/21     Location: MF 2     Guided by: Enter the Now

01/28     Location: MF 2     Guided by: TINT


€ 0,00


Want to meet new like-minded people? Or just don't feel like eating alone? Every Friday during lunch break you can join TINT and Local Legends at the long table in the Atlas Restaurant to chat & connect with other students and employees.


Students & staff alike are welcome!

No registration needed, just join us


| Event Details |

Date: Every Friday (when Atlas building is open)

Time: 12:40 - 13:20

Location: long table in Atlas Restaurant (TU/e)

€ 0,00

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