A workshop to gain confidence in being yourself

How much effort do you put into showing a perfect image of yourself to the world? Why not give yourself more space for who you really are?
Reflect on your personal traits and find more comfort in your own shoes guided by life coach Margit van Tuijl.
It's interesting how much effort we usually put into showing a perfect image of ourselves to the world. At the same time it takes a lot of energy to push those elements of ourselves away that we'd rather like to hide. While giving space to being yourself brings 'space to breath', pleasure, relaxation and in the end it also makes you stronger.
This workshop is a more elaborate version of the show yourself to the world workshop offered during the celebration of women in science 2022, read the review below.




| Event Details |

Date: Wednesday May 18th

Time: 19:00-21:00

Location: TU/e campus Atlas 2.320
Price: 3 € (students)

          5 € (non-students)


Last celebration of women in science, Margit gave an online  teaser of our upcoming workshop, show yourself to the world.

Ruvimbo wrote a review we would love to share with you.

Margit started our workshop with a short passage that allowed us to step outside of ourselves and into our imagination, she read the passage from the book: The Velveteen Rabbit.

“Real isn't how you are made. It's a thing that happens to you…
once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand.”
-Margery Williams Bianco, The Velveteen Rabbit

She then gently guided us into a lovely introduction of herself, shared her own experiences/struggles with showing herself to the world and where they may have stemmed from. I found I could really relate with her story.
We were then asked to introduce ourselves and share a character trait. And as always, icebreakers do their job - break the ice! I felt even more at ease and excited as I got to meet some lovely people and hear their descriptions of themselves.
Soon after, we were asked two simple, but thought-provoking questions; “How do I want to be seen by others?” and “What don’t I want others to see?”. I especially appreciated that these questions really called for us to be vulnerable and open with each other, which is something people can sometimes forget to be.
I also wondered about how, perhaps the easier it is, and how sure you are in answering these two questions, may serve as an indication of how close you are to and aware of yourself. This further led me to conclude that maybe self-awareness, in and of itself, may just be the first step to Showing Yourself to this World.
Truly a worth-while workshop and I am thankful to Margit and her team for creating a safe space for us to open up!

~Ruvimbo Michelle Mukonoweshuro


Can you recall a thing you acomplished you were very proud of?
Do you have a skill/trait you really like about yourself?
Do you know what others admire in you?

I'm sure you can think of some things, and that's great!
But sometimes, it's needed to get a little reminder that you are a great human being!
Being happy with yourself is a challenge for everyone sometimes.
In this event we get together to reflect and support each other in taking the next steps in your self-love journey. Join us, and let's go on the ride!

This event contains a new format, where our coaches Laura Curta and Margit van Tuijl, will guide you through exercises that challenge you to reflect and learn by doing them and discussing them with your fellow participants. This will make it a very active event where you also get the opportunity to meet many new people!


Are you Curious?

Listen also to our podcast we recorded with some students about self-love and self-care linked below.


| Event Details |

Date: Wednesday June 1st

Time: 19:00-21:00

Location: TU/e campus (exact location TBA)
Price: 3 € (Students)

          5 € (Non-Students)


Listen to our podcast about self-love and self-care



Dare to ask & meet your community 

Some people have experienced truly amazing adventures that inspire us to believe that our wildest dreams may be possible.


Others have overcome such tough moments that prompt us to put our lives into perspective and feel more grateful for what we have.


Others have just challenged the odds and enjoyed the serendipity of life.


Sharing stories is how we connect as humans. Learning more about someone and their story enables us to understand them on a different level, inspires us to change, or takes us to places, situations and emotions that we have never imagined before... And we love that!!!


The 2nd Edition of “Open Stories” will be an evening to celebrate Pride Month and to inspire the Eindhoven student community to take more time to listen to the real stories around us.


For that, TU/e & Fontys organizations joined forces to find captivating storytellers from our community, who are ready to share their life stories with you in an intimate conversation. You can expect diverse stories from LGBTQ+, international experiences, and mental health, amidst other topics. All heartening, raw and honest stories that will broaden your horizons.


This time, we aim to have stories both in English & Dutch to accommodate everyone. So, please state your language preference when getting your ticket! 



| Event Details |

Date: 8 June

Time: 19:00-21:30

Location: Atlas Cafeteria 

Price: 5€ (includes snacks & Hubble coin for social drink)



TINT and Enter the Now are hosting weekly guided meditations so you can start, explore or deepen your mindfulness skills within a lively community.


Join us for a 15-20 minute meditation session during lunchtime (12:40-13:20) to inspire you for a productive study time and a life focused on the present moment. Afterward, there is plenty of time to share and connect within the group.


Meditation is a way of becoming aware of what’s alive inside of yourself. By meditating regularly, you will develop a stronger connection with yourself, others, and life. This connection can help you with finding more calmness in your days, increasing focus on what you’re doing, coping with stress, and building resilience.


Both advanced meditation practitioners and beginners are welcome!

| Event Details |

Date: Every Tuesday

Time: 12:40-13:20

Location: 5.225 Atlas
Price: Free


Relax your mind!
Take a break!
And enter the now!

On-demand meditation

Looking for on-demand meditation? We also provide that!

Listen to your favourite TINT & ETN guided meditation sessions in our podcast Tools for Life available on Spotify, Apple Podcast & Google Podcast.

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