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12|09|2023 Make friends in Eindhoven!

Welcome to Eindhoven! 


We hope you recovered from all the craziness of the intro week and still remember something of Eindhoven that they showed you. If not, well then this event is for you! 


We have collected knowledge from old students to make starting your life here in Eindhoven a little bit easier. Together with Cosmos, we will host a fun and casual night where you can meet others their year here. Erik from Cosmos, who moved here from the USA, will give you some tips on where to have fun in Eindhoven. Then from TINT, Kimberly will give you a workshop on communicating with and approaching new people.


Join us for a nice evening of snacks and conversations in the Common Room to kickstart your student life in Eindhoven!


25|09|2023 VSA+TINT Free Lunch

Come join a free vegan picnic together with the Vegan Student Association and TINT, where there will be room for interesting conversations about values in life. Bring your friends for this nice lunch and conversation opportunity!


With a card set with interesting questions and discussion topics, you can start the conversation with others, searching what you have in common and which things make you unique.


And all that while enjoying a nice (hopefully sunny) picnic.

3|10|2023 Build up your Social Life

Popular wisdom says that time and good friends are two things that become more valuable the older you get.


Maybe you feel that you have already some great friends; or you might have met some very interesting people at University that you would like to become closer with; or you are still looking for some deeper connections in your life.     


No matter the scenario, friendships and a good social network are a very important part of our lives to have fun, make great memories, open our horizons, and support us in blue days. 


But when was the last time that you reflected on your relationships? 

How to preserve those friendships that were left in your home town?

How to create new lasting friendships at University?


In this interactive workshop TINT life coach, Margit van Tuijl, will guide you through a reflection moment about the people in your life, your social needs and which steps you can take to have the social life you truly want. There is a lot of room to exchange ideas and inspire each other.

11|10|2023 Diversity Week: Open Stories

Everyone has a story to tell… Some people have experienced truly amazing adventures that can inspire our wildest dreams to be possible. Others have faced and overcome tough hurdles that prompt us to put our lives in perspective and feel more grateful with what we have. Others have just challenged the odds and enjoyed the serendipity of life. 


Life stories can take us to places, situations and emotions that we have never imagined before... And we love that!


The event “Open Stories” is an evening to inspire our Eindhoven community to take more time to listen to the real stories around us. For that, we have chosen captivating people ready to share their life stories with you in an intimate conversation.

Expect heartening, raw and honest stories that will broaden your horizons.  

16-11-2023 In Dialogue about the Events in Israel and Gaza

Recent events in Israel and Gaza are having a huge impact on many. Also here at our university. It is extremely challenging to address this in a way that is acceptable, workable and appropriate for all. Yet we feel it is important to do so.   After all, many of us are experiencing unprecedented grief, feel fear, powerlessness and anger. Two programs, organized by Studium Generale, ESA and TINT, offer an opportunity to express these feelings without condemnation, without a war of words.  


During the event, Murat Karatas and Tjeerd Ritmeester engaged in a conversation related to the events in Israel and Gaza. It was a dialogue between two council members of the municipality of Eindhoven who belong to the same political party, the PvdA, but whose feelings and ideas about the Israel-Gaza conflict are very far apart. Murat is Muslim, Tjeerd is of Jewish origin. 


The dialogue between Tjeerd and Murat has been recorded and is now available to watch (including English subtitles) by clicking the link below.

22|11|2023 I'm Fine

In today's society we have labelled emotions as good or bad and they’ve been seen as inferior to logic and rationality. More notably, emotions have been understood as a sign of weakness — and who wants to be seen as weak, right?


However, understanding your emotions and their link to your body can help you manage stress and challenges effectively.


Our workshop “I’m fine” aims to help you reconnect with your emotions and discover the power in doing so. The host Patrick Vandewalle (Vandi Coaching), a certified Coach with a focus in emotional transformation & resilience, will share with you skills and strategies to foster your emotional awareness, realize and understand the power of your emotions and to increase your emotional resilience (and in doing so empower yourself).

28|11|2023 Under Pressure workshop + Dinner with AEGEE

This workshop offered by TINT and AEGEE, is focused on stress management and burn-out prevention. In an interactive manner, TINT life coach Margit van Tuijl helps you to identify your current sources of stress and to deconstruct them into manageable pieces that are easier to deal with. 


After having a nice dinner, you gain an overview of the tasks that are on your plate and you find ways to make more room for things that inspire you during the workshop. There’s a lot of room to share experiences, exchange ideas, and inspire each other


Take some pressure off your mind and learn practical tools to look inside yourself and reflect on what really matters to you!

30-11-2023 Listening in Times of Conflict













During this dialogue evening, the events in Israel and Gaza will be discussed at several tables in groups of about five people.


The dialogue evening follows a clear method, that ensures everyone's voice is heard, everyone's experience is respected, and there is room for different points of view. Each table will have an experienced facilitator who will guide the conversation in the right direction using the method of Eindhoven in Dialogue (meet, share, dream, do). 

12&13-12-2023 Passionate about your Future

 ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’ - Confucius


What is my passion in life? What do I love doing? What are my skills?

How do I make the right choices?

How can I turn my passion into my future? 

So many tricky questions...


During this interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your passions, talents, education and aspirations to guide you towards your ideal career. You will brainstorm and think out of the box to find new ideas for your future. There is a lot of room to share experiences, exchange ideas and inspire each other.


TINT Life Coach Margit van Tuijl will help you to explore your possibilities and transform them into the next steps you may take, so you can do what you love so you will never have to work a day in your life. 


Find your passion and make career decisions a bit easier with this workshop! 

20|02|2024 From Witness to Ally with WISE

Have you ever experienced/witnessed some form of microaggression or unwanted behavior in your surroundings? Maybe you were not sure how to react to it, and if you should even act on it. It is hard to tell if the way we are being treated or addressed is right, and talking to others about our discomfort can be tough. However, opening up the conversation is just what we need to learn how we can support each other.


This event together with WISE and drs. Marloes Siccama is all about standing up together as allies. By sharing experiences, you get a better understanding of what we can do ourselves to improve social safety, and we can celebrate how far we’ve already come! Join us for a nice dinner and insightful evening to take steps towards a safe and supportive community.


Celebrate the successes we’ve already achieved, and aim for those we still have ahead of us!




27|02|2024 Life Question Ninja at Connect with my Culture

Do you want to meet new people in a fun and engaging way? 


Then come to the Connect with My Culture event and join our Life Questions Ninja game! In this game, you can try a meaningful spin on the classic game of "ninja" with your friends or strangers! 


TINT's team will be there to coordinate the game and we will of course explain to rules to you so don't worry if you don't know the game yet.

26|03|2024 Navigating modern dating life (SG)

Love and dating play an important role in many people's lives. The online dating life can be challenging to navigate and is changing the way we build relation(/situation)ships.


More and more people are also single. Is this a sign of the times, a problem, or something positive? Together with love and relationship expert Tila Pronk, we will explore the modern dating scene among students. Based on your input, we will discuss the biggest challenges in dating and how to overcome them. Whether you are single, in an open relationship, with one or more partners, or anything in between, let's come together and find out what's going on in our love lives!


Dr. Tila Pronk is fascinated by everything related to love and relationships. She is an associate professor of social psychology at Tilburg University, where her research areas include online dating and the challenges of long-term relationships. She has written the popular science book 'Hartstocht' and is a frequent guest on TV and radio shows talking about love. 


13|03|2024 Listen to your body workshop

Headaches, tension in your body, back pain, fidgeting with your hands… Do some of these come familiar to you? These and many more are all signals your body is giving you. But what do they mean? And how can you use these signals to take better care of yourself? 


In this interactive workshop during Vitality Week, you will learn to recognize the signals your own body gives to you and what these signals mean. While sharing and learning from each other, you will find concrete actions to address the causes of your signals. 


Margit van Tuijl and Kimberly Drabbels will guide you through the process of understanding your body and your needs better. 


Increase your vitality by listening to your body!

11|03|2024 Burnout Prevention FSE

 Do you suffer from stress because of your studies? Do you want to know how you can deal with this? Join the interactive burn-out prevention workshop.
The workshop will start with a storytelling of Karin Bloemen, who experienced these problems herself. This is followed up by Margit van Tuijl who will explain how to deal with this stress.
You can subscribe via the Vitality Week here!

22|05|2024 TINT+VSA Free Lunch

Come join a free vegan picnic together with the Vegan Student Association and TINT, where there will be room for interesting conversations about choice overload, which we all experience. Bring your friends for this nice lunch and conversation opportunity!


With some inspirational questions, you can start the conversation with others, and find out what choice overload means to them. How do others deal with it? What can we learn from each other?


And all that while enjoying a nice (hopefully sunny) picnic.


04|06|2024 Food for Thought

Are you down for an evening of deep conversations and engaging topics? Do you want to share your thoughts in a nice and cozy setting? 


At “Food for Thought” hosted by Lighthouse, Cosmos, and TINT we’ll make room to talk about whats on your mind. Join us in the Common Room to have conversations about your culture, your future and the study struggles you experience as a student! We know these can be difficult topics to talk about so we made a nice boardgame to make it easier :) We provide the structure for the evening, you pick your preferred discussion topics! However, all good conversations happen after dinner, so that’s what we’ll do! We’ll cook a lovely dinner for you which is included in the ticket.  



05|06|2024 Climate Fear Workshop

Do you feel anxious sometimes, when looking at the news and hearing about climate change? It can be quite difficult to grasp what it truly means that our climate is changing. Actions need to be taken on a global scale, but during everyday life it is hard to know what you can do about it. 


If you've ever wondered or had doubts about your future because of climate change, this Climate Fear workshop is for you. We teamed up with Green Week TU/e to create a unique workshop given by TINT life coach Margit van Tuijl to help you with anxiety or apathy due to climate change. We'll look at ways of dealing with the stress and pressure you experience and find out which actions you can actually take, without overwhelming yourself.


Interested in learning more about this workshop? Click on the image below to read the Blog from last years Climate Fear workshop!

10|06|2024 Let's Talk About Sex


Sex is a topic most people have experience with, but it's often one of the hardest things to discuss with friends or even your partner.


Do you find it difficult to talk about sex?

Unsure how to start the conversation?

Want to make changes in your sex life but struggle to bring it up with your partner?


Join our workshop to gain tools for talking about sex.

We'll guide you through an exercise to practice communicating your wishes with your partner (don’t worry, the exercise isn’t sex-related). Plus, a representative from the GGD will share valuable tips. There will also be plenty of time to ask your own questions.


Talking about sex can be incredibly beneficial. You'll see you're not alone in your struggles, and it might even improve your sex life. Let’s open up the conversation together!

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