How to build your social life

There were a lot of firsts for me during the production of the “How to build your social life” workshop. The first promo post on Instagram, the first TINT presentation, and the first time I actually took part in one.


Margit started the workshop with an inspiring story about a boy with the perfect heart. It was about giving a piece of yourself to somebody (in this case a piece of your heart) to symbolize relationships. While it was a bit horroristic, as some took the story literally, it really set the vibe for the whole evening. I wasn’t planning on participating in the event initially, but after Margit’s story, I was just glued to my chair in the circle we were sitting in.


I had difficulties during the exercises in the workshop. When I first had to visualize my social circle on paper I didn’t even know where to start. Reflecting on your relationships is not an easy task! In the first sharing round everyone was a bit hesitant to share what they had talked about with their neighbors. When Margit then looked at me I suddenly felt the urge to just open up. I  shared with whom I want to be closer within my social circle and why, and I actually received solid tips on how to do that!


As the workshop progressed people started opening up and talking more. Everyone was sharing about their relationships and how they would like to see them in the future. Towards the end, it started to have a big group therapy vibe. We all gave tips to each other on how to achieve the goals we set in the workshop. I believe everyone got something extraordinary from this workshop and I hope you people will follow through on your goals.

It was getting to the end of the session and I wrapped up the event. Everyone was still talking after the end of the event while I was packing up the materials and putting everything back in order.


All in all, the workshop was a success. Everyone had a great time and I believe we all got something from the session. In the workshop, I learned to put myself in others' shoes from time to time and view our relationship that way. When I went home I called up my mother which was one of my goals set in the workshop. Time flew by and we had a 2-3 hour-long conversation which I really needed. It was after midnight when I went to bed content and happy that day.


In hindsight, I am still working on the goals set in this workshop but I got a lot closer to achieving them. Producing this event kind of „broke the ice” for me in terms of being an event producer at TINT. I was super nervous before the start but loosened up later on. I will always try to participate in these events since they create such an inviting and cozy atmosphere that you can’t help but dive deep into yourself, and this is hard to find elsewhere.


Geri Fodor

Event producer at TINT

TINT Eindhoven

Eindhoven University of Technology

Atlas building, 2nd floor

Groene Loper 3

5612 AE Eindhoven



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