Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone


A dinner where you get to try more than 15 courses of meals, soup and desserts with only the expense of preparing your own homemade dish almost sounds too good. What if I tell you it’s also accompanied by speeches and workshops dedicated on how to break mental negativity and pursue your life long dreams.


On the evening of Wednesday, November 14th, TINT organized a “getting out of your comfort zone” potluck dinner. Fellow students and professionals were invited to bring food from their own countries to the De Huiskamer and dine together. Amazing speakers shared their own stories on how getting out of the comfort zone assisted their personal growth. Afterwards, a workshop taught participants the art of positive thinking and pushing ourselves to accept unfamiliar challenges.


Personally I came to the potluck event with the hope of getting a good dinner and carry some good conversations, but in the end not only did my taste buds experienced alternative flavors, my mind got out of its “comfort zone” as well.

The first two speeches are delivered by an expat scholar from Kenya and a Dutch man who rediscovered himself in Philippines. Both speaker spoke from the bottom of their hearts. When the girl from Kenya talked about how she experienced racism and solitude when she just got here, it reminded me of the first time I went to live abroad. Their struggles seemed so real and it got me thinking what I could do to get out of my own comfort zone, after all my dilemmas seem trivial comparing to theirs.

The third speaker delivered the topic in such an entertaining fashion, it’s almost like a stand-up comedy. His words really hit me and got me scouting for all the possible mental blockages in all the aspects of my life, social, dating, academics, career. What can I do to cast out my restricted way of thinking. The potluck is truly an enlightening experience. I’m really grateful for the invitation.


Written by Sophia (Yuqing Zeng)


Pictures by Armando Rodriguez

TINT Eindhoven

Eindhoven University of Technology

Atlas building, 2nd floor

Groene Loper 3

5612 AE Eindhoven



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