10 Ideas on How To Make The World A Better Place

It doesn't take much to make the world a better place! By making someones day a little bit better just by smiling, who knows what kind of effect that might have!


  3. RESPECT OTHERS - Including homeless people, refugees and the people who make your coffee in the morning
  4. HELP A PERSON OR FAMILY IN NEED - For example by donating time or secretly sending them money ;)
  5. EDUCATE YOURSELF - Learn about other cultures, faiths, ideas, languages, people, history...
  6. DECLUTTER AND DONATE - At least once a year, go through your stuff and give what you don't use anymore to someone that needs it or a charity organisation
  7. REDUCE MEAT CONSUMPTION - And investigate where food ant other things you buy are actually made and try to buy from companies who produce ethically
  8. VOLUNTEER FOR A CAUSE - You can dedicate some hours per week or maybe do a summer project with an organisation that inspires you
  9. SURPRISE SOMEONE WITH A GOOD MEAL - Either invite them into your home or bring it over
  10. PAY IT FORWARD - Respond to a person's kindness to you by being kind to someone else. Inspire others to do the same

Potluck: Back to school

Are you looking for a way to make the world a better place? On February 27th TINT and UNICEF Student Team Eindhoven organise a potluck during which a UNICEF volunteer will tell us about their project which helps Syrian children go back to school.

We get to learn about other cultures, share and donate. The entrance fee of €2,50 will be donated to this project.