Mindful Dinner: Emotional Alchemy

On the 2nd of October, Tint Eindhoven together with Enter the Now organized a Mindful Dinner, this time titled: Emotional Alchemy. A chef was invited to share her vision of food. Margarita Kuzina, a Master student specializing in food design, who designed 7 courses in line with the theme of this edition of the Mindful Dinner.


The theme of this mindful dinner was ''Emotion''. Energetic Alchemist has been known to transform lower state emotions into higher, more joyful emotions. This process is called emotional alchemy. Each dish this evening represented a certain emotion. Together, while guided by meditation, the participants experienced and transformed each emotion, in this way connecting deeper with themselves through the specifically designed dishes, all the way from anger to love.


Video shot and edited by: Juul van Geleuken, member of "Enter the Now"

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