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Hi everyone, I am new here!

My name is Nuriye, I study applied physics and for a few months, I work for TINT as an event organizer. My favorite thing to do is being creative, in any way, and that is exactly what I would like to share with you.

During the beginning of the Corona pandemic, a big part of the world was suddenly set to pause-mode, including me. Losing my weekly activities as playing theatre and meeting with friends, I was left with a huge amount of free time.

My first reaction to this was actually doing A LOT.

I signed up as a corona volunteer at many places, wrote letters to isolated elderly, called my grandparents, etc. Inspired by an interview with Lidewij Edelkoort I thought this MUST be the time for change. I dreamed about a worldwide paradigm shift, a better world, a more sustainable world, and a happier world.

The idea popped up into my mind to make a list of big and small things people could do to change the world. Every tiny step towards a better world is already an achievement to celebrate, I thought. Moving forward, forward, forward. Just keep on going and you will get there! Never waste a good crisis! NOW is the time for change!

Do you already feel stressed out? Well, I did.

Something was missing. I was doing a lot to change the world, but I did not feel satisfied. Stress and pressure made me do these things out of fear for what would happen if did not. My activities were hardly funded in passion, love, or joy. Even though my original stress causes were reduced by the pandemic, I managed to construct some new ones.

It was really time to slow down.  
My decision to cut back in activities was easily made. Instead, I started listening to music, dancing and meditating. Stillness and peace returned to my life and it was a huge relief. This eye-opener inspired me to update the list with some more calming and soothing activities.
Taking care of the world also means taking care of yourself.

It is something I learned even more deeply a few days ago when I watched the documentary “Inner Climate Change”. It taught me that it doesn’t matter what you do, but how you do things.
 The once so important list reduced for me to a nice bunch of inspiration, I would still like to share with you. But if you really want to make the world a lovelier place, then just do or make something filled with love!
Hopefully, I can do this by organizing great activities with TINT. Using my creativity, I hope to contribute to an open and connected academic community here in Eindhoven.

Hope to see you soon!

Crazy COVID-51

A list of things you can do to change the world

Here, I present to you the list! Hopefully it inspires you to do something to improve the world in your way!

  • Take your bike or go by foot; it's healthy and it's more sustainable
  • Make your garden happy
  • Take care of your body; good hygiene, exercising and choose good nutrition
  • Find a wake-sleep rhythm you are comfortable with
  • Start living at your own pace
  • Dance your heart out
  • Do your daily routine in slow-motion
  • Go out in nature and let it calm you 
  • Learn a new skill, challenge yourself
  • DIY, and thus participate less in dirty industries
  • Explore a subject you don't know much about
  • Try out a new recipe and/or improve your cooking skills
  • Volunteer!
  • Clean and declutter your home; make it a happier and more beautiful place
  • Support your locals
  • Take care of your neighbourhood, both the people and the environment
  • Solve the world problem you are the most passionate about
  • Share what you have, both stories and stuff
  • Help others
  • Share something you are passionate about with the world
  • Read inspiring books
  • Watch inspiring documentaries
  • Find your passions and learn about yourself
  • Declutter your mind; start meditating or doing yoga
  • Set a goal for yourself
  • Dedicate your full attention to something


  • Explore your creative self
  • Be mindful and try to make conscious and responsible choices, now you have the time
  • Find your personal qualities and strengths, and use them!
  • Learn about your weaknesses, where they come from and how you can live with them
  • Look back and learn from your past
  • Find back your inner child and let it play
  • Take your time to digest your past and give old emotions the time to dissolve
  • Find your comfort zone and enjoy the place!
  • Look to the future and set your intentions; design your future
  • Learn to love yourself and others, just as they are
  • Reward yourself!
  • Be honest, be yourself, don't only show your pretty side
  • Have a good and in-depth conversation
  • Hug something or someone
  • Call your beloved and tell them what you want to tell them
  • Just listen to the people that want to tell you something
  • Be grateful for what life gives you
  • Look back at old photos and enjoy the memories
  • Love your life as it is
  • Take it easy
  • Spend time to talk to people
  • Spend time with your family or friends
  • Listen to the music you love
  • Chill and enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation
  • Just be, you are enough

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