Happiness Week Exhibition Dekate Mousa



For the Happiness Week 2021, TINT teamed up with Dekate Mousa, the video and photography association. Dekate Mousa's members went on an almost impossible quest to capture what happiness means to them.

Many photographs ended up referring to freedom. Happiness is feeling as free as the clouds above. Happiness is finding freedom in the wilderness, experiencing the view on the top of a mountain.

But happiness is not only found far away in an exotic holiday destination. Sometimes happiness is very close. Some people find happiness in the presence of a loved one, a good friend, a pet, or your favorite house plant.

'Happiness is appreciating the small things'
- Daphne Dorrestein

Happiness is a very personal experience, that does not allow itself to be expressed in words. Yet, everybody knows them, these tiny moments of perfection, these lights in dark times, these moments of laughter, these moments of being 100% chill. Dekate Mousa tried to capture those moments, to give the world a little insight into this mysterious concept of happiness.

Are curious about Dekate Mousa's portfolio and what other activities they are up to? You can find more info on their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.




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