5 tips for trust

This is a revised version of an article that first appeared in Dutch in ‘Rond ‘t Hofke’ (Edition: February 2022)


Margit van Tuijl, TINT Life coach

At the moment, a lot is going on in the world that can easily frighten you: What’s next with climate change? What will developments around wars and extremism bring? What more will this pandemic bring? Also more personal sorrows can easily get a grip on your mind: Will I finish my studies on time? Will I find a nice and fulfilling job? How to establish a rich social network? Before you know it, these kinds of topics - either big or small - can make you anxious and insecure… How do you then keep your spirits up and where do you find confidence?

Be inspired by the following tips:

1. Go into nature

In nature you can literally and figuratively find space to breathe. You breathe in fresh oxygen and let your worries fly away. Nature is a beautiful place to be yourself and when your body starts moving, your mind relaxes. So walk, cycle, work in the garden, run, in short: get out and about.

2. Limit your ‘news time’

Although it is good to follow the news and be aware of what is going on in the world, too much information can frighten you. Therefore, agree with yourself how much time you want to spend on the news per day or per week and stick to it. When the time is up, it’s time for something else.


3. Share your concerns with others

You’re not the only one concerned. Sharing your concerns with people you trust brings recognition. It can also give you new ideas when you see how others deal with their concerns. Conversely, you can also mean something to others based on your experience. If fears continue to plague you, a conversation with a professional counselor can be supportive.


4. Experiment with meditation

For those who think that meditation is something vague, brain research has shown that meditation brings peace, focus and confidence. There are countless meditations to be found on the internet that will take you by the hand. Try out different ones to see what suits you. You can find our meditations for students on YouTube and Spotify.


5. Be inspired by people with confidence

Everyone knows people who radiate confidence, whether they are well-known personalities or people close by. Also history provides us with many examples of people who managed to stay faithful, even in the toughest circumstances. So watch a video of the Dalai Lama, read a book by Desmond Tutu, or chat with your optimistic neighbors. It will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face and a lighter heart.



Who knows, these tips may give you ideas to give your confidence a new boost. Keep in mind that strengthening your trust is a process that involves trial and error. Give yourself the time and space to grow in this. Besides, if you long for a personal and confidential conversation about strengthening your confidence, you’re most welcome for a life coaching session. Just reach out to one of the TINT life coaches!


Margit van Tuijl

Life coach at TINT

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Eindhoven University of Technology

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