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Every other week TINT went live on the TU/e community radio during the Corona outbreak to provide you with content about life questions you might have; both the particular ones you might have during these times where the world was taken over by the COVID-19 virus and more general ones you might be dealing with. We start a conversation about them and help you along the path by giving you some tips, tricks and food for thought. 


All of the episodes can be found on the TINT podcast and below!



Tips and Inspiration for Staying at Home During Social Distancing

The program this week started with meditation by Life Coach Margit, Life Coach Rachelle gave some movie and book recommendations and told the story of Momo. Also we will shared tips on how to have a routine while being at home all day with Life Coach Laura. 


Recommendations by Rachelle: 


How to Face the Mess We're in without Going Crazy by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone

Walk through Walls by Marina Abramovic


Momo by Michael Ende

Creating New Habits and Global Solidarity

Again we had an inspiring program with live mindfulness, app, book and film recommendations, tips and talks about habits, and reflection on the future after Corona. 


TINT life coach intern Laura Curta talked about how you can create new habits so you can stay productive especially during Corona. The other TINT life coaches Margit van Tuijl and Rachelle van Andel provided some food for thought as well as how Corona can lead to Global Solidarity. 


Book recommendations:


Life coach & author Tony Robbins

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, a book by James Clear


App Recommendations:


Tide - Sleep. Focus. Meditation. Relax.


Woebot: Your Self-Care Expert

Grow - Habit Tracking



More info about the topics discussed in this episode:


Dragon Dreaming Institute


Unhealthy Thinking Habits and the Issue with Self-Esteem

This week we tackled problems like unhealthy thinking problems and self-esteem and went into depth about how they come to exist and how you can work on them. Knowledge and tips were provided by Life Coach Laura Curta. Recommendations were shared by our event-organiser Ana.


Recommendations by Ana:


The app, Fabulous


Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube

Digital detoxing

This week we talked about your questions about digital detoxing! One of the issues that came up again and again is that a lot of students have trouble staying motivated right now. So some of our recommendations, given by our life coaches Rachelle van Andel and Laura Curta, were about that. 


Books that might help to stay motivated: 


Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson


Books about slowing down:


De Zeven Geheimen van de Schildpad, Geborgenheid Vinden in Jezelf by Ronald Schweppe and Aljoschja Long


(unfortunately only available in Dutch and German)

Space to breathe




On our last show we talked about finding space to breathe. Our life coach Margit answered questions of the listeners about this topic. Many people experienced more space to breathe during the beginning of the corona lock-down. But how can you find it if this didn't happen to you? And how can you hold on to the space when the lock-down is over? Margit's recommendations adres tips how you can do this.


Book Recommendations:

The things you only see when you slow down & Love for imperfect things by Haemin Sunim

The mutant message down under by Marlo Morgan


Other recommendations:


The movie: As it is in heaven

The podcast: Meditative Story

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