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A brief history

Did you know that TINT is almost as old as the TU/e? In 1957 a student chaplaincy for Christian students to come together to meet and pray developed. A network of several different Christian communities began to form called the Eindhoven Studentenkerk (Eindhoven Student Church), or ESK for short. Over the years, ESK became a space for religious students who did not feel at home at more traditional churches, slowly transforming ESK into a more open religious community. The central values became:

  • Viewing someone as a complete person (holistic view)
  • Acting and activating (or empowering) from passion
  • Having an open dialogue with people who think differently (active pluralism)
  • Reflecting on one's own identity

Within this increasingly heterogeneous group, two different needs arose: students needed support and a safe place to explore their life questions, and all-inclusive believers needed more unity and harmony between different Christian beliefs. To attend to those needs, the ESK decided to divide the efforts between 'De Kapel' and TINT. Here, TINT evolved into an organization supporting religious and non-religious students with their life questions. 

TINT started providing a more modern style of pastoral care focused on emotional, social, and spiritual support through life coaching to students from over 90 nationalities and with various religious, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds. Alongside the life coaching support, TINT started to organize more workshops, events, dinners, and other gatherings to support students in Eindhoven. TINT moved to the TU/e campus, and staff often ask TINT to collaborate and provide advice on student well-being and integration. Also, student associations' boards have been requesting group workshops on interpersonal relationships to empower them to help their peers. Slowly but surely, TINT also became more visible to students from Fontys.


Our work to empower students seems to be effective. After guiding religious and spiritual associations within umbrella organization Credo, students expressed that they found the need to run their own umbrella organization. Not only around religion and spirituality but diversity, internationality, and identity as a whole. This way, the students helped TINT grow its perspective and step more into its pastoral role again: supporting the umbrella organization and its members in finding their identities and prospected place in this world with confidence.


As we are ever-evolving, just like the Eindhoven students we guide, our aim is always to listen to the students' needs and provide support with personal development and life questions related to the philosophy of life, meaning, spirituality and identity.


 Inspiration and Contemplation


TINT provides a welcoming meeting place for (international) students of the TU/e, Fontys, and the Design Academy. We offer open-minded people an opportunity to connect and get inspired by each other. Come meet us in one of our Discussion Nights, Clinics, Eat & Meet and movie nights!


Personal Development 


Through a variety of personal development workshops and trainings, TINT teaches the art of living to help people achieve personal growth and help people find their place and way in the world. We provide clinics such as Balancing your study Time, Time Management and Cultural Awareness.




TINT is part of the ever growing campus community. Almost all our events are collaborations with different organisations at the TU. We are also expanding our connections with the city and organise off-campus events as well. 




All our events are made possible by the work of great volunteers. We are always looking for people who love to cook, decorate, make music etc. All helping hands are welcome. 

So if you would like to help in one of our events please let us know by sending an email to: 



Personal Coaching 

Is something keeping you up at night? Do you need someone to listen, or are you looking for advice? Our personal life coaches can help! 

At  TINT we have qualified life coaches so if you are facing a challenge in life or even if you just want to talk the door and our email inbox are always open. 


Following TINT


The easiest way to stay up to date about all our events and activities is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

But the best way to stay connected is of course to join our events! 






In the past year I got to know the TINT organization and its employees better. A passionate organization within the TU Eindhoven within which students are given the space to further develop themselves on a personal level and to establish contact with each other. How important this is for students is shown over and over again, but even more so in this strange period. How do you maintain contact with each other? How do you find balance between mostly online education and social life in a student city? Many students with questions also seek support in this. Support that can be found via TINT. I am happy with the warm contact I have built up with Arantja Rosalina and Margit van Tuijl and my place as a coach on their website.


- Annelies Hovestad, Study counselor and career coach (October 2020)

TINT team is super active and communicative . I was invited as a speaker and I loved the whole process right from starting discussion to finally executing the workshop. The venue is also well equipped with state of arts seating and presentation arrangements. I loved it !

- Piyush Modi, Visual Storytelling Trainer (May, 2019)

Tint is a low threshold organisation with easy access. As a cross-cultural trainer, I was asked to give a talk on ' knowing the Dutch ways' an intorduction to the Dutch culture in a light manner. The setting was cosy and informal and the member of the organisation is friendly and helpful. Really enjoyed working together with Tint.



- Kirtika van Hunen, Intercultural coach (September 2019)

There's nothing better than exchanging ideas or learning something new about the world while getting to know new people from all kind of backgrounds. Things get even better when nice food is involved 😃. Really inspiring and mind-opening events; having a nice time is guaranteed.


- Alberto Tuzzi, TU/e student (October 2018)

Annual Reports / Jaarverslagen


Annual report 2022 (English)
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Jaarverslag 2022 (Nederlands)
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Annual Report 2021 (English)
Annual Report 2021 (English) - Stichting
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Jaarverslag 2021 (Nederlands)
Jaarverslag 2021 (Nederlands) - Stichtin
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Annual Report 2020 (English)
Annual Report 2020 (English) - Stichting
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Jaarverslag 2020 (Nederlands)
Jaarverslag 2020 (Nederlands) - Stichtin
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Annual Report 2019 (English)
TINT Annual Report 2019.pdf
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Jaarverslag 2019 (Nederlands)
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Annual Report 2018 (English)
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Jaarverslag 2018 (Nederlands)
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TINT Eindhoven

Eindhoven University of Technology

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Groene Loper 3

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